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2013 level of construction engineering economy 'typical questions - eight Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focused on the work high above the flat

by:Shizhan     2020-09-08
1, in September 2009 to cope with some enterprise management the rent of the rented fixed assets of 10000 yuan. Deal with packaging rental fee is 1000 yuan; The worker fail to receive the salary is 2500 yuan; Deal with worker endowment insurance, 60000 yuan; To cope with shareholder dividends, 20000 yuan. According to the accounting standards and regulations, of the following items should be included in the other payables have ( ) 。 The wage of worker fail to receive the reference answer: c, d, e2, according to the accounting standards and regulations, the main purpose of the enterprise to extract the surplus reserves including ( ) 。 Worker collective welfare facilities reference answer: a, b, c3, a bridge construction company in August 2009 spending: engineering insurance premium is 20000 yuan, the administrative department of personnel salary of 80000 yuan, machinery use fee of 160000 yuan, the project department office cost 100000 yuan, the utilities administration of 2000 yuan. According to the accounting standard for business enterprises and related regulations, belongs to the expenses during the period of a ( ) 。 The utilities administration reference answer: b, e4 and a construction contract, including building a number of assets, each asset can be divided for individual must have a combination of the conditions of the contract is ( ) 。 The revenue and costs of each asset can be identified separately the reference answer: a, c, e5, a construction enterprise in January 2010 to buy the following assets: a company three-year bonds; A trademark; A construction equipment; Transport machinery; Steel template. According to the accounting standard for business enterprises and its related regulations, belong to enterprise fixed assets are ( ) 。 Steel template reference answer: c, d6, an enterprise sales of a batch of goods, to expand sales by 30 days credit sales, considering the payment for goods back as soon as possible, decided to give the customer a cash discount, the conditions for '2/10, n / 30'. The credit condition expression means ( ) 。 2% cash discount reference answer: a, d, e7, time-consuming calculation measures project, the following options is applicable to parameter method of valuation is ( ) 。 Scaffold ride demolition fee reference answer: a, c8, construction norm principle for compiling ( ) 。 Independent establishment principle of the reference answer: b, d9, regulation, code compiled partial bill of quantities, to enable bidders to accurate valuation, in determining the project code, project name, unit of measurement and calculation of quantities rules, should also be sure ( ) 。 Guidance notes reference answer: a, c10, equipment, and installation engineering budget generally includes ( ) 。 Instruments and manufacturing furniture purchase expense budget reference answer: a, b, c, e
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