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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
3 m aluminum alloy scaffolding unique production technology, professional testing standards, confidential processing formula, let tengda security quality to the next level of science and technology, is the domestic high altitude in a small number of professional equipment manufacturers. In recent years, with the rushing of urbanization promoted growth, the demand of pipe rack is bigger and bigger. 3 m aluminum alloy scaffolding single wide straight ladder work frame, can be used for automatic staircase, general escalator etc above. 3 m aluminum alloy scaffolding for supporting scaffold and other ways of scaffolding, protective railing or personal fall protection equipment is satisfied. Together, single lever of planning, to establish more sensitive, more relaxed, more safe! Light weight: choose simple and consolidate the aluminum alloy as a raw material, light weight, easy to install, transfer and storage. ( 1) Scaffolding fee refers to the various construction requirements can happen when the scaffolding construction field, otc data handling. ( 2) Different combination forms: the height of the highest working mesa height of 12 meters, the height can be adjusted according to the 500 mm per level, with a variety of height adjustment function. Scaffolding range widely used, including in electricity generation, factories, power supply, wall renovation, aviation, ships, large hotels, large venues, convenience stores, home interior, engineering construction, decoration cleaning and other industries widely used, users are high maintenance, repair, installation, and a good help to cleaning operations. Shenzhen tengda 3 m aluminum alloy scaffolding is environmental protection also can be repeated use, high quality aluminum alloy scaffolding makes the workers work can put down your worry, in the case of operating strictly according to use standard, aluminum alloy scaffolding will wind the steadfast feeling, a sense of security in your side. If the available wheels pushes the scaffolding, but due to the site to tear open come down to move the change positions, or because there is no prior consider elevator or the scales, was rejected, so miserable! Steel pipe floor scaffolding 48 mm outside diameter, wall thickness 3. 20 mm, steel strength grade q235 - a。 3 m aluminum alloy scaffolding, Federated eye network planning and equipment to the satisfaction of protection requirements) In the 3 m aluminum alloy scaffolding aisle, scaffold board and the gaps between the protective railings shall not overstep the 24. 13 cm.
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