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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Longchuan scaffolding contact phone number: 18420150310 steel pipe scaffold material is a circulating material, is used in the fixed regulations should be the amount of amortization at a time. Scaffolding works including building scaffolding, scaffolding and other decorative scaffolding. 1 building scaffolding walls scaffolding by exterior line length, multiplied by the masonry wall height to m2, highlight the battlements of wall width within 24 cm, attached chimney when not calculate scaffolding outside more than 24 cm width calculation according to the size of graphic, incorporated into the scaffold outside the quantity between prominent roofing stair, tank within the outer walls of the scaffold into body building walls scaffolding calculation of quantities of quantities, but its height is not as calculating the height of the scaffold. For exterior walls scaffolding, every design outdoor floor to the eaves or daughter on the surface of the wall masonry under 15 m height of calculated on single row scaffolding building height in more than 15 m or building height is less than 15 m, but conform to the norm stipulated in this region, the double row to scaffolding, should also be calculated by double row scaffolding. The same building height is not at the same time, should according to different height are calculated respectively. 2 building interior wall scaffolding, according to the wall surface vertical projection area of calculation. Every design indoor floor to the roof surface or gable height of the building height of 12 in 3. Under 6 m, press 3. Scaffolding calculation within 6 m laying height more than 3. More than 6 m, calculated at single scaffold. To calculate the interior and exterior wall scaffolding, the hole are not deducted from the doors and Windows, such as empty circle of the area. 3 walls scaffolding, every natural outdoor floor to the masonry wall top surface height in 3. Under 6 m, press 3. Scaffolding calculation within 6 m laying height more than 3. More than 6 m, calculated at single scaffold. Four independent column and the structure of cast-in-place reinforced concrete column according to the graphic column plus 3 outer circumference. 6 m, multiplied by building height to m2, apply appropriate scaffold outside the norm. Decoration engineering scaffold height more than 1 2 3. 6 m metope adornment cannot use the original building scaffolding, decorate the scaffold can be calculated. Scaffold for decoration according to the double row scaffold multiplied by zero. Three calculation. 2 interior ceiling decoration indoor floor surface from design in 3. 6 m above, should be calculated and scaffolding, calculation and scaffolding, metope adornment engineering is no longer calculate the scaffold. And scaffolding, according to the interior net area calculation. Its height in 3. 6 ~ 5. Layer 2 m between, calculation, more than 5. Every increase 1 2 m. 2 m calculated on add a layer, less than 0. 6 m to leave. 54 cases of a certain building its ceiling height is 6. 5 m, try to determine the basic layer and increase and the scaffold. Solution of known buildings ceiling height is 6. 5 m, has more than 5. 2 m, reason should be basic layer and increase the calculation. Basic layer 1, increases its layer is 6. 55. 21. 2 = 1 layer more than 0. 1, less than 0. 6 m, abandoned, therefore, the building and scaffolding to be a basic layer, a layer increases. Three other scaffolding a whole bunch of reinforced concrete foundation, its width for more than 3 m, according to its floor area computation and scaffolding. 2 water storage oil pool, large equipment base, high from floor in 1. More than 2 m, implement double row scaffolding quota. Circumference of large equipment foundation scaffolding, according to its shape multiplied by the height between floor to the top line shape, scaffold with m2 calculate water storage oil pool, according to the outer wall circumference multiplied by the outdoor floor to the top of the wall height, between the m2 is calculated. 3 chimney, water tower scaffold, and the difference between different erection of height, diameter, to calculate. 4 elevator well scaffolding, according to the single span to calculate. Building vertical closed quantities calculated on vertical projection area of the closed surface. 6 levels of protection, according to the actual ceiling level projection area of the m2 is calculated. Vertical protection frame, according to the natural ground level ground to the top layer bar positioned between the height, multiplied by the actual length of the erection, the m2 is calculated. 7 pick scaffolding, according to the erection of the length and the layer number, line meter to welded wire mesh m is calculated. 8 the slippery rise template construction of reinforced concrete chimney, silos, not the other scaffolding calculation. Longchuan scaffolding
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