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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
1) The scaffold construction site should be equipped with vernier caliper, torque wrench. 2, steel pipes, fasteners must be into the appearance parameter, according to the requirements for testing. 3, to severe corrosion, bending and deformation of steel pipe and the thickness of slide wire, deficiencies of fasteners should be refused entry. 4, steel pipe, steel tube scaffold should be chosen to meet the requirements, The concrete wall thickness will be subject to special plan) , it is forbidden to punch on steel, fasteners, steel pipe should be product quality certification and quality inspection report. 5, scaffolding must use flame retardant dense mesh type safety net is closed. 6, scaffolding steel tube color must be in accordance with the requirements of the company CIS poling bar using yellow paint, bracing, bottom row of stud and the place that need to be alert with yellow black paint. ( Yellow every 40 cm black paint brush, brush 1 foot every 20 cm)' 。 2) Steel pipe scaffold based formation compaction, concrete hardening, stem vertically on the metal base, concrete floor, precast concrete block. 2, setting the vertical rod for the lateral section of not less than 20 x 20 cm drains, and more than 80 cm wide concrete pavement (set in the lateral If no water visible on the actual situation) 。 3) Socket type disc scaffolding must set longitudinal and transverse rod sweeps the floor, sweep the floor bar should be set to vertical and the horizontal, ( Transverse rod sweeps the floor with a right-angle fastener in close to the vertical rod sweeps the floor at the bottom of the vertical pole) 。 Epithelium is not more than 200 mm from the base, and to sweep the floor net exposed end extended stud length should be consistent ( Not less than 100 mm) 。 4) Scaffolding poling extension in addition to the top the top step can use lap ( Lap length not less than 1 m, use three fixed rotating fastener, end fastener cover plate edge and the rod end distance should be not less than 100 mm) , the rest of the each layer must use docking fastener connection ( Docking fasteners should be staggered on poling: two adjacent stud connectors should not be set within the synchronization, synchronization across a vertical rod inside the two joints in the height direction of stagger distance apart should not be less than 500 mm. The distance form the centre of the joint to the master node should not be greater than 1/3 of the interval h) 5) Scaffolding pull node should start with the first step in the bottom longitudinal bar set, according to the step 2 of 3 set across a wall pieces. ( Scaffolding and buildings in horizontal direction is not more than 7 m, vertical direction is not more than 4 m set a node. ) Node at the top corner and encryption, namely in the Angle of less than 1 m range according to the vertical direction is not more than 4 m set a node, the top 80 cm range according to the horizontal direction is not more than 7 m set within a node. 3, exterior wall decoration phase node must also meet the requirements, and if the construction need to remove the original pull node must be reapplied for reliable and effective temporary Rachel, to ensure safe and reliable outside the frame. 6) Scaffolding foot hand piece appropriate layers of spread, spread, leave the metope of 120 ~ 150 mm. 2, full layer scaffold must be vertical wall transverse laid, spread in place, leaving no space, can't put with effective protective measures must be taken. 3, feet hand must be used is not fine to lead wire twin parallel binding not less than 4 points, requirements binding is firm, junction level off, without probe plate. Foot hand piece is in good condition, damage to change in time. 4, scaffolding outside since the second set 180 mm high kicking at the bottom of the pole ( Board) , high in 0. 6 m and 1. 2 m of protective railing along with the same material, the medial formed near the edge of the scaffold, according to the scaffolding of the lateral protection practice Settings. 5, scaffolding of stud wall net margins not greater than 200 mm, such as more than 200 mm with the core steel tube filling and laid flat firm stand one piece. Outside the frame under 6 layer, construction steps every 3 and bottom application of federated eye network, or feet are closed (hand piece Step 3 a interlayer closed isolation) 。 7, an outer layer should be set up in each building lightningproof grounding, and set up the 8 'grounding' tag, the frame body should be set up and down channel ( Except for the up and down the stairs) 。
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