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7. 8 m aluminum alloy scaffolding installation steps show - in detail The company dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu s

by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Will be 200 mm castor installed in a two trapezoidal span frame and ladder ladder frame. The brake; In two rail span frame on the bottom rail and two rungs of additional two levels; Both sides have framework. Check the long side of the tower and wide-brimmed spike height, adjust; On the bottom frame is installed on a four step span frame and four step ladder frame to lock stitch. 1 to 3 brace in the opposite direction of the cascade connection on both sides; In the fourth step trap door are installed on the platform, and ensure the trap door at the side of the ladder open the throttle. Sitting on a platform of trap door openings, install two levels in the 5 stent, on both sides of the platform near the sixth cascade; At the opposite side from 3 to 5 steps for diagonal direction; Install the stabilizer to the base. Adjust the telescopic jib stabilizer, provide strong support for the ground. Stabilizer such MATS and each floor mat about isometric other at about 45 degrees, to achieve maximum stability; Stood on the platform in a protective, on matters within the framework of the rail span frame has four step ladder frame, can lock pin; Between the fifth and the seventh and the seventh to ninth in the opposite direction of additional diagonal braces framework. In the following location trap door installation platform 8 cascade. Windproof locks, Sitting on a platform of live plate opening ft two levels near the platform 9 and 10 rungs on one side of the support.
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