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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
This is a message from provincial emergency manage hall, the province meteorological bureau, why will emphasize tower crane, gantry crane, scaffolding to stop work? 【 Provincial emergency manage hall, the province meteorological bureau 】 Remind you: expect solstice 22 23, west guangdong and the pearl river delta cities and counties in north-central have local torrential rain, heavy rain to the rainstorm accompanied by thunder and lightning and 8 magnitude in between short-term wind, precautions should be observed: 1. Underground pipeline, underground space, high slope, deep excavation, mining engineering during the rain to stop operation, after operation to carry out the preventive measures. 2. To strengthen the hillside houses and sheds etc. 3. Cutting slope rainfall during building 'live up not down, not before'. 4. To avoid outdoor activities during a thunderstorm winds, tower crane, gantry crane, scaffolding to stop operations. 5. To strengthen the solitary old man, disabled, left-behind children in the disaster. Scaffolding is the special equipment to high homework assignments are mainly high altitude construction. Button scaffold by the vertical rod, bar, diagonal member, fittings such as disk, disk directly on the stud welding, button scaffold building is mainly socket type, disc Kong Xiaokong rails is special, special macroporous diagonal member. A convenient and concise. , despite the scaffold is not scattered small accessories are composed of beams and vertical rod connected, in the process of about 8 gale heavy rain, not even the wall combined with reinforcement, brace, and so on, will produce the phenomenon such as swing even dumping. If there are construction personnel on the pedal windward homework, is likely to happen fall workers and other safety accidents. This is why will emphasize 8 magnitude of scaffolding the gale heavy rain to stop work. By this form, you can see that in the 6 levels of wind have to do is to stop the scaffold work, 8 you may need to remove the scaffolding. April is the rainy season, the erection is to pay attention to the drainage works, especially in the south of China city. If the installation is button scaffolding, due to its high stability and safety, its protection of the workers is bigger, is relatively safe and effective, but the application of the steel pipe scaffold and door and set is completely unable to resist wind and rain lightning effects on erosion. Its fittings and stents are easy to rust, under the condition of center of gravity be unsteady, the most prone to dump.
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