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A building site full-time monitoring in jiangsu city, avoid the construction dust noise - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus on flying for

by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Suqian webex ( Reporter Xu Qizong) Recently, two people call the hotline, reflecting the suzhou street, riverside area have the construction site, round-the-clock intensify construction, dust and noise interference phenomenon. Reporters to the riverside street brigade feedback institute of environmental protection and urban management, the staff said that they had received a number of similar complaints, and take the full-time monitoring measures, stepping up his efforts. On October 15th morning, the reporter in the city environmental protection research institute staff management brigade and riverside street, came to be public complaints construction site to check. Reporter saw, the construction site is located in the riverside street area, 'here is the community construction, we received complaints from citizens, implement all-weather monitoring, construction units at site scaffolding installed online measuring system, real-time monitoring of the construction site dust and noise. 'Riverside street environmental protection institute, liu said, they have to contractor issued relevant documents, and arrange full-time personnel to supervise the construction site. According to responsible for the construction of Mr Xu, now they have to take the corresponding measures according to the requirements. In terms of dustproof, taking cover, spray, road dust and other measures. In the aspect of control, they insist on 10 PM every night to stop the construction, in order to eliminate from the source of dust and noise. Another in shenzhen area, outside the open window to see a large exposure to the site of the loess, hot and the sky grey, since blue sky defensive war started, now site is done with the green net cover, open the window is a piece of green, let a person feel a lot better! 。 Shenzhen resident li said with a smile. Recently, the community construction site is covered by a layer of green network in shenzhen, the residents like this. The blue sky defensive war officially began, in the presence of loess in shenzhen site exposure, formulate the corresponding implementation plan, to achieve the supervision of the scene, propaganda and implementation. At the same time, social arrangements staff daily inspection on the construction site, to ensure the dust standard management and the implementation of the civilized construction specifications. Construction is imperative, it is imperative to 'safeguard the blue sky, green coverage of green and dust is to win the blue sky an important part of the defense, will continue to do a good job in the construction site, catering soot emissions and other pollution control work, with a comprehensive win defensive victory against the blue sky. 'In order to implement the environmental management work, resolutely fight to protect the blue sky, the society will further strengthen the exposure to the loess and the construction site dust pollution control, and through the door-to-door propaganda propaganda and the relevant laws and policies, strengthen to check on the construction site at the same time, to combat the illegal behaviour of atmospheric environmental pollution, further improve the air environmental quality, protect people's physical and mental health, the formation of the blue sky white clouds.
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