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A chorus of truss must choose good quality - Taiwan stage Jiangsu city Shizhan Truss co. , LTD

by:Shizhan     2020-06-25
Stage appearance of truss for people's life and production activities to provide more convenient, especially with the continuous development of truss industry stage, existing many types. But in the process of manufacturing, will directly affect the use of the truss. Because of the high temperature of welding, so the welding way also will be different. If in the process of welding temperature is too high, it can lead to welding the other side of the truss is liquefied reaction. Due to liquefaction reaction after liquefaction reaction quickly cooling, so at high temperature during the welding process will find some irregular degradation, even many people think that the welding point to the naked eye look like a knot. In fact, some lumps uneven density, thickness of area is 'fluffy'. Therefore, when choosing truss, must observe their welding points are symmetric. Stage truss should choose good quality, specification of truss correctly. In order to guarantee the quality of the truss, should have enough strength. Chorus are activities that are widely used in the stage, the stage is relatively popular in the market at home and abroad. Adopting disassembling design, beautiful and easy, convenient structure, height is adjustable and strong stability. Easy installation and removal, improve the efficiency of the installation, stage performance safe and durable. There are four adjustable height range stage. It can with any unit, suitable for different terrain environment. Welding stage test bench is made of high quality aluminum alloy material, beautiful appearance. T slot around the framework design, convenient user decoration stage. Also can adopt aluminum alloy glass stage, stage mesa is equipped with advanced antiskid material, beautiful and easy, safe and reliable, adjustable feet high, specifications according to user needs freedom of choice, using the export of checkered plate, good quality, the effect is good, equipped with stair stage, can at any place. Anywhere in the stage, in order to stage performer is convenient, the overall effect is perfect, quality assurance, can also be customized specifications and sizes.
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