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A fall in the scaffold erection - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan security

by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Accident process and general situation of residential building in a university for 6 layer mixed structure, building surface 1800 m2. 4 m high fall together, when falling head first, face down on the floor construction of the diving board, helmet dropped 2 m outside, project manager and other urgent need car beam XX will be sent to hospital, too much loss of blood, rescue invalid died that day 17 when 30 points. 40000 yuan; 50000 yuan. XX for the cause of the accident analysis of the beam without the scaffolding, skills training, no card mount guard operation, safety consciousness, to the engineer of some of the rules and regulations to comply with the lax, is wearing a helmet, but not wearing a seatbelt, not according to the operation procedures of construction, the set-up of key parts in the process of operation main point is not clear, is the direct cause of the accident. Scaffolder slaughter, head of the XX security awareness is poor, serious illegal command. Slaughter and beam is related, knowing that liang is a bricklayer's work, has not received scaffolder professional skills training, without a scaffolder operation certificate, not wearing a seatbelt and without safety protection, ignore the safety operating rules, arrange unlicensed personnel with high scaffolding. Project department in and kill XX scaffolding contractor agreement, only emphasize must hold relevant certificates, and did not carefully check the special type of work operation certificate, found in violation of operating procedures, head of the construction site at the same time, oral pointed out, but failed to stop, in a timely manner to eliminate hidden dangers, plugging loopholes, eliminate illegal construction. Illegal command and adventure brute-force blindly, ignoring the management of special operations personnel is the indirect cause of the accident. Must put an end to violation command. Strictly implement the relevant provisions of the special operations personnel management. 3, safety protection facilities do not conform to the regulations, shall not be construction. Aerial work personnel should be familiar with the construction and installation workers safety technical regulations of the relevant regulations, and seriously implement. Strengthening the work management of the project contract agreement. To seriously implement the safety production laws and regulations system, the laws and the barriers to use legal means to regulate the behavior of enterprise safety in production. Enterprise must have a practical safety production management system and network security management system. Clear management personnel at all levels of production safety responsibility, to improve the quality of the enterprise and management personnel, strengthen the security work, eliminate blind command, illegal operation. Strengthen employee safety education and special operations personnel training work, make the worker has the ability to identify and eliminate dangerous operations, improve employee safety consciousness, to strengthen the professional training of special operations personnel appraisal system, the inspection qualified rear can mount guard, and conclude a contract for the safety in production, guarantee safety in production. Construction site safety according to regulations, procedures and standards to develop a practical and feasible measures, all kinds of safety protection to reach the designated position, to ensure the safety of operating personnel, the work high above the personnel must wear a seat belt.
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