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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
1 basic situation, accident on November 22, 2014, 15 with 27 points, sinopec dalian oil branch at large gas stations under the tent together, falling accident 6 tankers, 2 people were killed and one wounded. Rank as the general accident, accident direct economic loss of 900000 yuan. 2, after the accident in late October 2014, sinopec Joe leung, director of the dalian branch li-wei song to the company in charge of the deputy manager for instructions to external cleaning at large gas stations, office wang found jinxin cleaning cleaning service center, double verbally cleaning services, did not sign the cleaning contract, Joe leung notice cleaning on November 22, jinxin to enjoy big gas cleaning. On November 22, 2014, 7 around 20, when cleaning shu-hong song and so on seven jinxin maintenance staff to enjoy a big station, began to scaffolding. Enjoy big gas station of jinxin cleaning shu-hong song, head of the personal webmaster signed HSE commitment, safety training, examination, check whether the scaffolding non-slip, cleaning staff whether to wear your seat belt and safety helmet. 8 PM, maintenance staff to start cleaning operations, ground personnel to clean, low altitude cleaning people standing on the scaffold, finish cleaning a place, the ground push platform frame body to the next position, before the accident, the tent roof most of the cleaning has been completed. 15 when 27 points, stay in the tent under 6 tanker cleaning personnel and greeting on the scaffold near the ground personnel mobile scaffolding, scaffolding at this time from south to north in turn stand cleaning personnel 3 people, three people on the ground from the west side of south to north stand on the scaffold, and began to push east scaffolding frame body, promote the scaffold imbalance toward the east is fallen, scaffolding three cleaning workers with the frame body from 5. Falling to the ground, 97 meters high, 2 people were killed, one rib fracture. 3, the accident reasons ( 1) The accident directly reasons: 1. Cleaning personnel neglect safety violations mobile scaffold. In order to ensure the safety of workers on movable scaffolding, when the mobile scaffolding shall not stand. Maintenance staff on the scaffolding of jinxin three people without back ground, illegal driving scaffolding, scaffolding instability of dumping, lead to accidents. 2. Scaffolding is unreasonable, in violation of relevant state regulations. Working according to the construction of higher safety technical specifications '( JGJ80 - 91). 5. 1. Height should be not more than 5 m. Installed wheels mobile scaffold, wheel and platform of joint should be solid and reliable, and column bottom shall not exceed 80 mm off the ground. ' Accidents of the scaffold by actual measuring height is 5. Off the ground in the lower end of the 97 m, column height is 180 mm, a serious violation of the rules, cause the scaffold stability is bad. 3. Seat belt use people working height error. The basic principle of seat belt use for 'high low with', is in the position of the firm or component, the seat belt ( GB6095 - 2009). Detailed rules on the falling suspension seat belt usage. Cleaning on the scaffolding of jinxin three cleaning workers while wearing their seat belts, but mistakenly seat belt fastened on the scaffolding of guardrail, in violation of the provisions of the use of seat belts, dumping belt in scaffolding causing did not play a role of protection, three cleaning workers with platform frame body falling to the ground directly. ( 2) Indirect accident reasons: 1. Jinxin cleaning production safety responsibility is not implemented. Operator shu-hong song safety consciousness is very weak, the temporary hired cleaning personnel has not received safety education and training, has not received the scaffold with relevant safety training, don't have the necessary safety operation technology, engaged in dangerous adventure ( High) Assignments and use scaffolding. 2. Sinopec oil dalian branch for the contractor supervision does not reach the designated position. The company retail management department is the out-contracting units of gas cleaning work, is also the project management unit, according to 'China petrochemical contractor safety management regulations', the contractor's safety supervision and management to comply with the principle of 'who, who is responsible for contracting out the', retail management department responsible for the supervision and inspection of performance of the project safety measures to carry out the safety management responsibility, not the project submitted to the company safety supervision and administration department came; For cleaning jinxin scaffold erection and use whether to meet safety requirements, homework personnel the rational use of seat belts for scrutiny. Great gas station of the company enjoy basic unit according to 'China petrochemical high operation safety management regulations of all cleaning personnel necessary safety education; The cleaning pig the high jinxin staff did not perform 'seat belts should wear of the solid component on the top of the construction work, seat belts shall be made in high hung low, when high mobile operations, should be set up to facilitate mobile workers hang your seat belt safety rope' rule not to stop. Four measures to prevent accidents, the falling accident killed 2 people 1 people were injured, profound, painful lessons, accident that reflects the xinhui cleaning self-employed, such as the lack of safety education and training, ignore the serious problem such as security. For the serious accident lesson, to prevent the similar accident repeating, suggested that take the following measures: 1. Each unit we need to implement enterprise's main body responsibility, establish and improve the safety in production organization and production safety rules and regulations, employees on safety knowledge and operation skills training, make employees familiar with and master the necessary safety knowledge and skills. 2. Enterprises should strictly contractor management, strictly the qualification review access gateway; Supervise the contractor strictly abide by state laws, regulations and enterprise all kinds of safety rules and regulations; With the contractor risk identification process, thorough and careful making reliable security measures; To the safety training of migrant workers education, safety supervision and management on operation process.
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