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A sudden! Scaffolding fall - Shanghai pudong Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shi

by:Shizhan     2020-08-26
Life is important, or important convenient work? On the scaffolding fall? On August 6th, at 1 PM, zhoupu in the pudong district of Shanghai jia bang road together, falling accident. A worker carelessly trample empty when operation, scaffolding fell on to the pavement, from the 3 floor immediately unconscious. Surrounding residents said immediately report to the police, sent the medical treatment. It is reported that the injured many fractures, not life-threatening. The worker, 56, from anhui to Shanghai, later said he didn't have enough money, want to back to my hometown anhui treatment. Public video display of accident, it was more than 10 workers in 2 - Walking on the five floors of the scaffold, there is no one to wear a seat belt. Witnesses around all feel very thrilling, feel there is a lot of potential safety problems. Witnesses said: 'he was with a tie safety belt? No. No seat belts, which one do you see the construction personnel have the safety belts? 'Not only do not wear seat belts, and workers to smoke at the scene, and the scene there is bamboo, wood and other flammable materials. Scaffolding fall reasons (1) stamped on the probe with planks. (2) when walking on air, stumbled and fell. (3) when bending turned to accidentally run into bars and the unstability of the body. (4) sitting on the railing on a shelf or standing on the railing, work on a shelf or rest frolicking on the scaffold. (5) scaffold board did not spread or laying instability. 6 no protective railings or protective railing has been damaged. All landowners operational layer under no safety protection layer. End up scaffolding for more than 20 cm distance from the wall, there is no protective measures. Pet-name ruby scaffolding overload damage. Attending again on scaffolding brick padding or scaffold board operation.
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