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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
The objective of the scaffold design USES integral lifting scaffold. Binding height is 7 level, height of 10. 8 m, can meet the needs of the 4 layer construction. Length according to the surrounding high-rise residential houses, no more than 6 m, position the distance between the shelves by the bearing frame, hoist, hoist ( 10 t electric hoist) Composition. Bracket with Angle welding and scalable. Each bracket is fixed, there are two brace and the wall. When in the face of such as balcony overhang, can prolong bearing frame. In the early stages of the installation, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of the first shelf, but each layer buildings are connected to a layer, until the height of the reach regulation. Before the integral lifting, should remove the bearing frame fixed bolt and anchor pole, and check the obstacles within the scope of operation. Hoist controlled by general control counter, every three motor shall be the responsibility of the personnel. Hoisting height is 2. 8 m, integral lifting time is about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Due to the error of the motor itself, the height of a single machine position is not timely, elevated position of a single machine can be made of the console ( Or decrease) , until you reach the same height, bearing frame has been fixed. 1 scaffold design according to the shape of the plane of the two buildings, the height, structure form and the steel structure design specification, careful careful theoretical calculation, ensure the safety of the scaffold design is reliable and feasible. 1) Scaffold with 7 ~ 10 t electric hoist for hoist, electric hoist on the pick beam made of steel, the beam and the structure of the fixed by bolt, the outer end with inclined rod and the top of the same parts. 2) Frame body is designed to add step four floors insulation column height, scaffold for the double row, to 1 m wide, row structures from the skin in 0. 5 m, rail and spacing of 1. 8 m, lateral closed for close eye safety, and to the bottom of the bag is full. 3) Frame body along the building periphery into several units, each unit between 5 ~ 9 m, the width of each unit is connected in the bottom of the installation of bearing. 4) On the frame body USES the bearing at the bottom of the truss and truss of bottom chord, oblique abdominal rod adopts double pipe, bearing on both ends of the truss is located in the made of steel bearing. 5) Bearing with the structure of the fixed and the hoist with the same. 6) Use during the frame body and buildings should be set up between the nodes, enough during the climb, also should be set sliding nodes or pulley rope to pull, and install wall climbing wheel. 7) The frame body to climb one layer at a time. Before climbing apart bearing and architecture of connection point, the frame body load by electric hoist and pick beam, under the frame body to climb in place after the installation of bearing, using the frame body during load by bearing under, and through the diagonal member passed to the building. 2 the preparation for installation engineering 1) According to the plan design to determine the bearing supporting and electric hoist pick beam installation position and number, in the corresponding position of the concrete beam embedded bolt, and accomplish the position of each layer is consistent. 2) Processed steel bearing, pick beam and inclined pull rod, electric hoist, wire rope, scaffold tubes, fasteners, Ann, board, steel pipe, etc. 3) Installed outside the scaffold shall be built, as installation set-up climb climb frame bearing supporting and the operation of the surface. 3 scaffolding installation program 4 the material platform, the platform design of the main function is to transfer material, with the rise and fall of climbing frame, the location of the feeding platform also correspondingly change, in order to ensure the safety of an outer layer stress directly to by material platform structure, cannot be passed on to the frame body, the frame body of the temporary support platform only climb up. By feeding platform made of steel beam and transverse steel stare blankly, panels, with the roots and structure embedded bolt connection with block stick, end with two groups of wire suspension to the second floor structure on the surface, in order to prevent the stop lever of platform for the pivot shift, at the top of the beam to set up and down. For easy climb climb when release platform and structure, and does not affect the platform's rigidity, should be set up connecting nodes, node bolt climb when apart, platform together climb climb, climb in place after connecting nodes. Platform can bear loads separately. Climb to support platform, the weight of the other set-up insurance support, support main climb up again when the weight of the temporary support platform or the weight of the platform at fracture accident of wire rope. Insurance without any connection between support and platform. 5 vertical transportation equipment attached to the arm of the frame body when handling the construction layout should be climbing frame and the vertical transportation machinery, such as the position of tower crane, passenger and cargo ladder synthetically considered. Climb in the design of electric hoist position, should be attached to the arm is located in between two hoist, lifting block attached to the arm bar down, lift immediately after the completion of the recovery. 6 use and safety note 1) Shelf installation should be arranged experienced skilled operation, well implement the protective device, and will observe, supervise, direct and. 2) After the installation, subject to security inspection qualified rear can use. 3) Subject construction of the template support system shall not use the scaffolding, scaffolding stacking materials shall not exceed the design calculations to determine the construction load. 4) Outer shelf and out with dense mesh densification, each layer spread a layer of light wood. 5) Security officer to check whether the place such as bearing supporting, pick beam weld welding, bolt deformation, bearing truss on the lower chord on whether the fasteners of slide fastener, the perpendicularity of the scaffold is super wide, etc. Abnormal happens to modification at any time. 6) To maintain the uniform speed, when lifting electric hoist control at 100 mm per minute. That is lifting scaffolding, scaffold design modification design to meet the need of construction site, satisfies the requirement of construction safety.
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