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Activity type installation considerations - stage Jiangsu city Shizhan Truss co. , LTD

by:Shizhan     2020-06-21
To use stage between rubber and rubber adhesive manufacturer to form a complete set of special connection with bonding together ( Or not connected) , glue and ground without adhesive, in order to convenient mobile in the future. Can be spread in the smooth cement floor, marble, ceramic tile, terrazzo, epoxy floor paint, such as floor surface, the surface outlet available dedicated PVC electrode welding, achieve seamless and smooth. Fixed installation: a, local bonding: based on the ground to glue line edge inward to manufacturers supporting a special connection with ground bonding together with adhesive joint: under ground rubber on the ground of both glued joints are all connected to manufacturer to form a complete set of special adhesive into an organic whole with the ground. Method of concrete pavement, pavement surface must level off, clean. Second, are to glue in a row, aligned to merge, pay attention to in the process of the shop is to take care of the overall effect. Three, along the commissure opened the adjacent two pieces of rubber, connect the manufacturer to form a complete set of special belt under the commissure side, first bring adhesive live half connect one piece of land, and then another piece of adhesive in the rest of the connection, cracks will be tight.
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