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Adhesive lifting scaffolding installation and use of general provisions, technical clarificaiton - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform jiang

by:Shizhan     2020-09-06
Adhesive lifting scaffolding installation, every lifting, dismantled before construction organization design requirements shall be according to the special technology to organize technical personnel and workers, safety disclosure. Adhesive lifting scaffolding installation and use measuring instruments should be used in the process of the metrological verification on a regular basis. In six levels of above ( Including 6) Strong winds, heavy rain, snow, fog, etc no adhesive lifting scaffolding on homework, when bad weather in six levels of above ( Including 6) When the winds of the scaffold should also be in advance to take the necessary reinforcement measures or other emergency measures and to evacuate all the construction live load on the frame body. Prohibit the rise and fall of adhesive lifting scaffolding operations at night. Adhesive lifting scaffolding construction area should have lightning protection measures. Adhesive lifting scaffolding in the process of installation, lifting and removal, the operating area and could fall scope shall be set up security. The integral adhesive lifting scaffolding, construction site should be equipped with the necessary communication tools, to strengthen the communication connection. In the whole process to lift the foot rack, construction personnel shall comply with the current working in the construction of higher safety technical specifications '( JGJ80) , the construction and installation workers safety technology operating rules '( ( 80] Construction law word 24) The relevant provisions. Operators should be the basic fixed, each job and related certificates in accordance with provisions. Adhesive lifting scaffolding construction electricity should comply with the current 'technical specification for construction site temporary electricity safety ( JGJ46) Requirements. Used in single items of projects as a lifting power equipment, synchronization, and load control system, for limiter equipment should be the same manufacturer, the same types of products, and number should be used. Power equipment, control equipment, such as for device should be waterproof, dustproof measures, such as for some protection to demand higher electronic equipment shall also have the sunscreen, moistureproof, prevent the respect such as electromagnetic interference measures. Integral adhesive lifting scaffolding should be someone who's in charge of the operation, the control center and should have a safety precaution, no other people. Adhesive lifting scaffolding hanging in the air for more than 30 months or stops for more than 10 consecutive months must be removed. Adhesive lifting scaffolding shall set up the necessary fire control facilities.
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