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Adventure homework - fall from scaffold accident Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizha

by:Shizhan     2020-08-29
Accident process and general situation of X mall site, building area of 8000 m2 and local framework layer. On May 9, 5 in the morning, changsha arrange sewing worker w X X bricklayer's group in the main building of the area of seven or eight layer feed. 10 PM, feed end. Sand and arrange w X X to nine layer clear feed trough. 5 m long steel template with back to the form of a card assembled together, a total of three sections, angled and horizontal, oblique, binding on the scaffold barriers, the lower two sections within the set net, the upper section dew outside the set net. Wei zhao X of X to clean up the ground indoors borrowed a pair of steel, began to clean up the feed trough. When finished cleaning the bottom of the feed trough, wei X climbed scaffolding, one foot in the scaffold on a rod, the other foot in the upper feed trough, the outer edge of the body in a set net, ready to clean up the feed trough the upper section. W X at this time was not wearing a seatbelt, with steel to clean, feed tank by gravity and steel impact, the sudden buckling deformation, the top bending down, w X right immediately lost support, who immediately fell from the sky to the ground. Present personnel immediately w X sent to the nearby hospital, but because of his injuries, rescue is invalid, died at 17 15 points. 50000 yuan. Direct cause w X a lack of knowledge of production safety, the ego protection consciousness is not strong, the violation of safety discipline, engaged in the ascent of unprotected facilities operations, not wearing your seatbelt. Working indirectly cause violation of the construction of higher safety technical specifications '( JGJ80— 91). Stipulated in article 1, the use of feed trough without design calculation set-up operation platform, and protective railings, not to feed, cleaning, dismantling and serious accidents. Accident lesson the mall is a group of high-rise buildings, more cross each job assignment, recruitment, staff mobility. From the construction site investigation, failed to improve the safe production management network, the safety of the staff education become a mere formality, safety technical clarificaiton is not detailed, lack of pertinence. In this management mode, the site the pitfalls of serious simple feed trough, wei X safety consciousness, and so on and so forth come as a surprise. To some extent, is the loose management of the construction enterprises led to the accident. Full stop using similar simple feed trough, designed and manufactured a new feed trough, increase the operating platform, guardrails, ensure use safety. Leaders at all levels must carefully study the laws and regulations of production safety, production safety awareness, increase input on accident prevention, not illegal orders. Tertiary education worker safety production, and regular and transformation work safety education, safety activities, safety technical clarificaiton work ready to shift, and record in time. Prepare to carry out targeted special security measures.
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