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Adventure homework, falling one - death Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizha

by:Shizhan     2020-08-29
A, accident after 6 August afternoon, subcontractor - a construction company - Some equipment installation co. , LTD. , painter of yangzhou wang mou four people, such as steam reforming furnace carbon monoxide in yangzi petrochemical project for touch-up work, wang mou's task is to fill paint brush work platform to support a tripod. 17 around 25 points, when the northeast corner of the scaffold (wang mou came to a layer of platform Scaffolding on a layer of platform, the erection of level 2. 5 meters. Scaffolding set-up, welding operation is to early to this layer welding work at the time of the accident has ended, the scaffold is dismantled) Lateral fill brush platform railing on the second floor above the column at the bottom of the fillet weld of paint, body hung up on the outer edge of the platform of the first layer vertically, seat belt hang on the overhanging scaffolding upper guardrail, homework a 9 off the ground. Six meters. When fill brush after three fillet weld, wing will seat belt take off when going to another point, due to the imbalance in the body after falling from a height on the ground. The hospital rescue invalid death. 1 second, cause analysis, homework personnel safety consciousness, improper selection bases should be standing on the platform on the second floor of homework, but in no protective scaffold outside the homework. 2, site safety supervision and management is not in place. Team leader at the scene at the time of the accident, but I did not stop the homework personnel's risk-taking, not prevent workers use is dismantled scaffold. 3, project management, there are serious loopholes, did not carry scaffolding demolition work safety warning system. Three, revelation 1, high homework should use double double line five point seat belt, easy to move the seat belts are always hang protection, and choose the safest position to himself, and do homework. 2, supervision and monitoring on site strictly, for adventure homework, brutal homework personnel, to stop in time. 3, the scene without scaffolding demolition completed, should be set up warning signs, warning, etc. , maintenance personnel are strictly prohibited to enter or use.
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