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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Operation stages, the work high above the accident types: fall mainly the cause of the accident: violation of operating procedures and labor discipline casualties: 1 death a profile, accident * month *, 2006, construction group grinding shift XXL one led the team to play grinder Zhu Mou a certain, Yang, miao so-and-so to assembly pier bridge crane 2 # machine on the right side of link beam in the box body welding scar repair welding of polishing. Miao so-and-so in contact, the northern end of the beam polishing Zhu Mou a certain, Yang at the southern tip of link beam. In the southern tip of grinding Zhu Mou one position for welding scar above higher inconvenience polishing, in order to ascend the scaffold height, Zhu Mou beside a will contact under beam plane a cap on the hole wall lamp on the wooden cases ( Specifications for 790 * 380 * 515 mm) Move into the grinding pad in under the scaffold. See Zhu Mou shift XXL one stood at the edge of the mouth of the cave, a move the cases without authorization, and does not stop in time. Then Yang is a holding wooden boxes, Zhu Mou one standing in front of the polishing on scaffolding, XXL one walks to the north of miao so-and-so clean grinding dust. When Chen go back to the south side of hole wall lamp, prepare Zhu Mou again some homework, did not notice the foot, from a hole, Specifications for 480 * 460 mm) The falling down, falling about 15 m. After the accident, the injured were rushed to the hospital, because of his injuries, after the rescue invalid death. Direct cause, the cause of the accident analysis of 1, 2, 1) Play grinder Zhu Mou when a need to increase the scaffold, in order to graph save trouble, do STH without authorization to cover on the hole safety protection facilities to use wooden cases, buried a major security hidden danger, cause the XXL one step empty fall. ( 2) Shift XXL safety consciousness, to subordinate workers peccancy operation, remove the original temporary safety facilities, don't stop, keep hidden trouble again after urging workers to take new security measures, so as to leave a major security hidden danger, accidentally fell dead. 2, indirect reason construction group of workers safety education, lack of foremen safety management on the spot, so that the team workers caused significant security hidden danger in construction process failed to get timely rectification, eventually caused the accident. 3, the main reason for the safety facilities not solid, and was used for it. Three, analysis of accident responsibility and 1, Zhu Mou some violate company chapter v of the 'high operation safety management regulations' clearly stipulated in article 36 'may not be dismantling, handrails, guardrail, mesh, flat security measures, such as' safety regulation, safety awareness is not strong, the lawless savage job, for the sake of brevity, will move to use safety facilities without authorization, and planted the significant security hidden danger, leading to a XXL one fall dead from the hole, the accident directly responsible, decided to play grinder Zhu Mou make fire processing. 2, construction captain safety education to the worker does not reach the designated position, lack of safety management, measures were implemented, management responsibility for this accident. Decided by its bear all the costs incurred in this accident, and a fine of 300000 yuan. 3, grinding shift XXL one as a shift in the 20 minutes ago saw Zhu Mou one removed the wooden case on the hole wall lamp, also did not stop, let leave major accident hidden trouble. His paralysis in the process of moving at the same time, without careful observation at the foot of walking blindly, causing the accident. And the XXL one safety consciousness, illegal operations, the main responsibility for this accident. In view of the XXL one dead, not to pursue its responsibility. Four, accident corrective actions of the 1, inform the staff accident, reason, draw lessons from blood and implements the safety training for construction re-education, ensure production safety measures to be implemented. 2, the unit would be this accident as an example, in the broad worker to carry out a safety education, standardize operations, strictly implement the safety management system, not regular inspection operation, illegal command, constantly strengthen the consciousness of safe production and improve the ability of employees to prevent accidents. 3 hole, for all the bridge crane on the construction of a comprehensive inspection, to implement unprotected vacancy place timely rectification, eliminate safety hidden trouble, recurring to prevent such accidents.
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