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Aerial work platform in scaffolding installation considerations - channel Button scaffold platform - operation Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer

by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Button scaffold operation platform, contact phone number: 18420150310 when installing a scaffolding aerial work platform, below it is sure to set aside a channel, for pedestrians or other vehicles through, however, in the installation of the structure when the shelves need to rigorous, or it will cause certain influence to people's life, the consequence is very serious, so how to build the channel when asked for? First, when the set channel also has certain reserved scope, the width of the installation of the ramps should not too small, at least not more than 1 m, if there is a certain slope, slope to also want to have a certain proportion of it is 1:3 (best High: long) ; Second, when to install, if there is a corner, then turn to set up a platform, so that you will find that when the form is conform to the specifications, it should not less than the width of the chute width and the third, if there is a slope, need in its slope is to set up some peripheral railings on both sides, or feet, or even put it completely isolation with the outside world. Also the height of the fence of it reaches 1. 2 m, best best block foot also want to have a certain height should not be less than 150 mm in the fourth, when to install the scaffolding must also give paved with the scaffold, such ability can have a better effect, each plate depends on tight, even when on foot hand wall-to-wall requirements under its lateral horizontal pole should also need some vertical supporting rod, so that more secure, each bracket pole spacing needs to be less than 500 mm button scaffold platform
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