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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Aerial work platform is a homework personnel, tools, materials, etc. Through the platform of lifting to a certain position in the construction, installation, maintenance work and so on specialized aerial work equipment. The aerial work platform manufacturer introduces classification of aerial work platforms. To go shear fork work platform, also called mobile lift, the mesa, guide rails, guardrail, shaft pin, stents, oil cylinder, hydraulic tubing, tires, 24 v electric appliances, lifting height is 4 20 meters, load weight from 300 to 1000 kg, lifting way for manual type, motor, battery, diesel engine, etc. , also can choose special locations explosion-proof electric equipment, can according to user needs with remote control. Aluminum alloy hydraulic lift platform, up to 8 meters height, inching control, platforms are set up and down control button; Artificial drag walking platform chassis equipped with rubber ( Polyurethane) Solid small round; Dual mast structure, lifting more stable and safe; 4 support legs are installed on the chassis, the chassis area is 1. 35 x0。 8 meters, cover an area of an area small, when use can effectively guarantee the stability of the lifting platform. Suitable for working within the narrow space such as lane. To crank arm type aerial work platform, up to 13 meters height, the weight is 1600 - 2000公斤; Lifting speed is zero. 05 - 0. 9 m/s, walking speed is 15 30 km/hour, chassis large carrying capacity, operating venues adaptable, flexible operation maneuverability is strong, rotate 360 degrees, the radius of homework is 3. 4 meters, low fuel consumption. Suitable for a wide range of operations, such as the station, wharf, shopping malls, etc. Electric basket can be used in curtain wall installation, external wall cleaning, is have the aid of higher construction hanging basket electric hoist, accessories have suspension mechanism, suspended platform, elevator, safety lock, steel wire rope, safety rope and electrical box and electric control system, level 2 - work 100 meters, weight 750 kilograms, is suitable for the impending operation. A spider overhead working truck to more than one hundred, the average working truck also wants 300000, using ordinary scaffolding and low efficiency. Now have a third option! Dr Ladder aluminum alloy aerial work platform, 2 - 2 x0 48 meters height, the bottom area. 75 x2 meters to infinity, build a flexible can be assembled into arbitrary geometry. Only several thousand to tens of thousands of price, portable, light weight, fast loading assembly, disassembly, a van can carry away, don't account for the warehouse. Also called mobile aluminum alloy scaffolding, equipped with adjustable casters, can be applied to different horizontal line on the ground. Construction industry, decoration engineering, water conservancy power, large space of the small lanes can perfect use. Light weight, no charged homework, can tear open outfit the transportation is convenient, can work even the wall hung up. The scaffolding accessories have a fence, skirting board, castor, bar, rod, brace, the ladder. Is a few kilograms to hundreds of kg weight, height, the higher the weight increase. Aluminum alloy aerial work platform
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