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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
After the Spring Festival, many people still immersed in the joy of the festival atmosphere, the pace of life is not to adjust. Stay sober mind, security check out again to return to work not late. Here is a holiday to return to work will do 12 safety inspection. Based management, security check 1, whether to establish security organizations, in accordance with the provisions, equipped with full-time security personnel; 2, the project manager, project director, whether full-time security personnel arrive; 3, special operations personnel whether valid certification operation, whether through safety examination and education. An electric circuit protection, temporary electricity check 1, 2, based on the overhead line inspection conditions; 2, the total box, box and switch box inspection; 3, whether the leakage protector failure; 4, as well as life. Three, safety protection facilities check 1, formulate annual safety protection scheme; 2, belts, hats, network examination; 3, limb, and the mouth of the cave protection facilities check; 4, safe passage protective shed build-up. Four, the hoisting machinery inspection 1, hoisting machinery foundation, verticality, attached device, safety insurance device check; 2, seasonal maintenance situation of hoisting machinery. Five, construction machines and check the performance of all kinds of construction machinery, such as inspection situation. Six, check 1 of deep pit, foundation pit supporting, and other security situation and drainage; 2, construction to adjacent buildings and the safety of pipeline with and without influence, including foundation pit deformation monitoring records, settlement of foundation pit surrounding environment observation records, such as foundation pit water situation. Seven 1, scaffolding, scaffolding inspection, safe use and acceptance formalities discharging platform, mainly including console scaffold safety situation, cantilever scaffold cantilever beam, the anchor end; Attached type lifting scaffolding safety device; Even the wall a set condition; Isolation measures between the frame body. 2, high work hanging basket with anchor, a counterweight. 3, high work hanging basket load test should be done before use. Eight, template engineering inspection template engineering safe use and acceptance procedures. Nine, lifting check 1, hoisting machinery and other mechanical equipment safety and acceptance procedures; 2, seasonal maintenance lifting devices. Ten, decoration engineering inspection 1, whether with fire control organizations and system; 2, whether in accordance with the provisions, equipped with fire fighting equipment and facilities; 3, whether in accordance with the provisions for fire control acceptance check workplaces; 4, whether to use the scaffold without inspection acceptance; 5, whether for fire drill. Eleven, municipal engineering check 1, closed construction safety technical measures; 2, dust prevention measures; 3, vehicles, and pedestrians temporary traffic safety technical measures; 4, equipment, facilities check acceptance; 5, poisoning prevention measures. Twelve, fire safety check 1, set up fire control organizations, and in accordance with the provisions, equipped with fire fighting equipment and facilities; 2, whether has the fire site plan; 3, whether to have fire control facilities equipment layout; 4, whether making fire management system; 5, fire responsibility to carry out the situation.
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