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After the construction of the mobile scaffolding

by:Shizhan     2020-09-19
After the erection of the mobile scaffolding is completed, the inspection and acceptance shall be carried out according to the following standards: Regulations for the inspection and acceptance of the erection quality of the mobile scaffolding

  The frame structure meets the requirements of the construction plan, and the size changes of individual parts should be within the allowable adjustment range; the nodes are connected safely and reliably. Among them, the tightening degree of the fasteners should be controlled at a torque of 40N.m~60N.m, the welding quality of all welding parts should be reliable, the embedding of the embedded parts should meet the design requirements, have sufficient strength, and the joint connection of the wire rope should be reliable;
   The verticality of the vertical pole should be less than ±300, and the maximum vertical deviation of 75rnrn should be controlled at the same time; the horizontal deviation of the vertical horizontal pole of the scaffold should be less than 1/250. And the horizontal deviation value of the whole frame length is not more than 50mm; the work layer paving, safety protection, etc. should meet the relevant requirements; the acceptance and daily inspection of the mobile scaffold should be carried out regularly, and the inspection is qualified before it is allowed to be put into use or continue to use.
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