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Aksu Loop Tower Night Art Show

Aksu Loop Tower Night Art Show


The city of Aksu is located on the northwestern edge of the Taklimakan Desert, on the upper reaches of the Tarim River. It is named after the water. The Uyghur language means “White Water City”. It is the ancient country of the 36 countries of the Qin and Han Dynasties in China. It is the territory of the ancient Silk Road. The important station is also the birthplace of the Kucha culture and the multi-wave culture. It is known as the “Saiwai Jiangnan” and is the political, economic and cultural center of the Aksu region.

Except for Aksu Apple, which has national civilization, Aksu will also launch a national A-level sports ring rally in Aksu. The whole race will be carried out around the Taklimakan Desert with a total mileage of 5,000 kilometers. There are 9 special stages of competitions. The group has 101 teams and 101 cars participating in the race. The motorcycle team has 10 teams participating in 26 motorcycles, and there are 228 drivers and pilots.

The World Exhibition participated in the stage design and manufacturing, and the exhibition was built in the factory area before the stage was delivered to the customers.

In order to carry out this performance smoothly, Shizhan sent two senior builders, spanning 6,000 kilometers, to Aksu for guidance and construction, so that customers have no troubles - that is our responsibility. World Exhibition is a group company specializing in truss and stage. We have our own research and development team. We not only have stage truss spot products, but also support the customization of all products. This is our special feature and our advantage. Pre-sales and after-sales are also guaranteed. We do not have the experience to build a professional staff to provide guidance, and return visits regularly, so that customers do not have any worries.

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