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Aluminium alloy scaffold preparations for 8 meters high and some problems that should be paid attention to when using - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus on the work high above the

by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
In decorating a process we often use the aluminum alloy scaffolding, and aluminum alloy scaffolding 8 meters high at some point we will also use, so what should we do when using the preparation work and the problems which should be paid attention to when using? Please together with Dr Ladder of small make up down and have a look. Use what preparation work should do 1. Make sure that all the rivet, bolt and nut, and moving parts connected closely, ladder column and ladder is firm and reliable, extension spring, hinge working condition is good, move before you check in the process of moving, ground presence of obstacles, such as building roof structure, cable wire, etc. High barrier. 2. Ladder to keep clean, no oil, grease, wet slippery material such as paint, mud, snow, the movement of the tower can only in accordance with the application of artificial mobile, never can adopt the way of mechanical movement, such as the trailer or a forklift to move; Tower system immediately after moving brake and check the tower's vertical stabilizer. 3 aluminum alloy scaffolding eight meters high. Operator shoes clean, forbidden to wear leather shoes, in the rough ground must be careful when the mobile tower, before moving to remove the obstacles on high ground 12 mm, and cannot be used on the gradient of the ground movement,. What are the problems should be paid attention to in using 1. The body tired, take drugs, drink alcohol or have physical disabilities, banning the use of ladders 2. The ladder should be placed on solid smooth ground, ban on no skid and fixed equipment on ice, snow or sliding surface, mobile tower shall not be someone or something else objects were stranded on the pedals. 3. Ban more than indicating the bearing quality, when working in the strong wind shall be forbidden to use the ladder, metal ladders conduct electricity, avoid close to charged. 4. Climbing people face the ladder, hold hands, body centre of gravity in the middle of the two ladder column, inspect the site environment, to make sure that no other influence factors of aluminium alloy tower move there. 5. Do not stand at 1 meter from the top of the ladder when working within the scope of the ladder, always keep 1 meter height safety protection, more don't climb the top of the strong point, moves to pay attention to guarantee the stability and security of tower, brace to support triangle with the ground to keep a distance of 12 mm or less H 20 mm or less, in order to play a supporting role. 6. Homework hand don't over the top of the head, in order to avoid the body out of balance, produce risk, when the mobile tower castor no brake, to ensure that the caster wheel can rotate freely. That is about 8 meters high aluminum alloy scaffolding preparations and the problems should be paid attention to when using the relevant share, I believe you to use hand have a deeper understanding, if you also want to know more information, welcome to Dr Ladder yo.
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