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Aluminium stage has attracted wide attention from peers

by:Shizhan     2020-03-10
Aluminum stage lighting is the soul of the stage. Swiss stage artist Appiah said: 'Light is the visual equivalent of music. Only music and light can express the intrinsic nature of all appearances.' The 'musical nature' of lights and the 'tempo' of lights have attracted a lot of colleagues in recent years. Attention and rose to a rational understanding. Apia also said: 'Light is the palette of stage art, light is the soul of theatrical performance. 1. It is located at the last part of the stage performance space of the frame, as a curtain to represent the background environment of the performance. Its height and width are usually larger than the size of the stage entrance, and it can be designed as a flat screen or curved wide screen according to the needs of the performance. 2. The curtain faces the inside of the auditorium. It can be illuminated with skylights, slides, etc. or project a variety of color images to form a whole picture with the entire stage space. Using white fine canvas as the material, the color is white and the light absorption performance is good. 3. Color is not separated, and light is inherently musical. 'The sense of light and the movement of light are the two major elements of light color to produce music. The design and operation of stage lighting, and the understanding and treatment of its music are the key to sublimation of works. Zhou Zhengping pursues the inherent emotion of drama in lighting design The expression and the typical effect of three-dimensional lighting break through the sense of space of the frame stage.
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