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Aluminum alloy bolt truss frame structures stage what are the advantages? - - - - - - Jiangsu city Shizhan Truss co. , LTD

by:Shizhan     2020-06-19
Aluminum alloy bolt is by machining, welding, polishing, painting and so on a series of crafts made of products, is one of the aluminum alloy truss, widely used in stage lighting, background frame structures. Is also a kind of aluminum alloy truss, why aluminum alloy bolt plane truss is more popular than other structures? 1, the diversity of products and set up flexible quick aluminum alloy bolt species diversity, the user can according to different out set the stage needs to choose different sizes and types of products. In addition, aluminum alloy bolt frame with the method of bolt directly to install docking, save the high labor costs but also improve the work efficiency, and its structures, flexible and convenient handling, so relaxed and fast can work to complete the installation and removal. 2, quality assured aluminum alloy bolt to the bottom of the small thing also won't produce any block up, produced by the high strength and durability of products, and products are exquisite works. 3, good appearance and good after-sales service aluminum alloy bolt of good appearance and endurance is strong, only need a few days in advance to customize products can get high quality and exquisite products. In addition, the factory also provide thoughtful after-sales service system, in use process have any problems can also contact the manufacturer directly. Aluminum alloy bolt frame with material quality assured, and the characteristics of the after-sales service attitude good, so will sell hot.
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