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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Aluminum alloy frame of door type's advantage of customization: aluminum alloy door frame is one of the widely used in the construction of the scaffold. 。 Because the main framework for gantry, therefore calls gantry or aluminium alloy door scaffold, also known as scaffolding or gantry. 。 Door scaffolding dismantling with simple, bearing performance is good, the use of safe and reliable characteristics. 。 Applied to some high-rise building engineering construction. Gantry frame and steel and aluminum alloy material, but most made of aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy door frame it not only can be used as a scaffold construction inside and outside, also can be used as a floor, beam formwork support and mobile scaffold, has more features, also known as the multifunctional gate scaffolding. 。 As more and more people use scaffolding. This image significantly improved some industries, such as leasing. Such as shenzhen scaffolding leasing in the rapid development of our home. 。 Below by shenzhen tengda scaffolding rental for everyone to introduce some basic information about the scaffold. 。 Now in the production of scaffolding, various cities in our country should according to own need to choose the scaffold. Aluminum alloy door frame since it has installation simple disassembly, mobile convenience, good bearing capacity, the use of safe and reliable, as well as good economic benefit, therefore develops very fast. 。 Wall of the connecting rod need to connect with building the structure of the part, in order to ensure bearing capacity. The location of the connecting rod should be determined in the construction plan, construction method and draw detail. 。 Aluminum alloy door frame in the process of operation shall not be arbitrarily set. Scaffolding used it is forbidden to dismantle the wall connecting link in the process. 。 1. Wall connecting rod and the structure of the connection mode can adopt flexible connection or rigid connection. 。 Even the wall must be construction, in order to sustain tension and stress. 。 Steel bar should be set top bracing, top bracing should be reliably support in concrete beam, column and other structures. 。 Rod should be turned into a 4 mm diameter than two wires, in use shall not be less than 2 strands. Also can use should not less than 6 mm diameter steel bar. Deformation of the restrictions on both inner side and outside of the scaffold. It is forbidden to use only gantry frame with flexible even the wall of the support. 。 2. Scaffolds should provide support. Scaffolding side shall set up a row of support, horizontal spacing is not more than 9 m. Bracing should be 45 - with the ground About 60 ° Angle, and from bottom to top, set in a row. 。 Settings, and other artifacts intersection should be connected, Binding) And extend to the top above the ledger. 。 Scaffold bracing slash should be buried at the bottom of the more than 30 cm. 。 Aluminum alloy door type rack manufacturer suggested that we should choose reasonable framework form according to the work requirement. 。 Shall prepare the erection and removal operations procedures and safety measures, gantry frame when setting height, more than just the construction requirement, authors should according to the provisions of the design calculation. 。 Only in this way can we produce high quality scaffolding.
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