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Aluminum alloy kung fu stool operation guidelines - Common problems - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan security

by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Operation guide ( Kung fu stool for aluminium alloy) 1. Before use, confirm the aluminum alloy structure of kung fu stool is good, cascade, fences no damage, deformation, screw without loose  2. Set-up confirmation brace is normal, the bottom of the ladder a full  3 glue. Confirm ladder feet and two hinges can be completely open and locked  4. Confirm the fence is in good condition, can be closed and locked  5. Confirm the standing platform clean, without sundry, skirting board, there are properly arranged security guard net  6. Confirm the work platform location is good, and use the platform to  7 on solid ground. Terraces banned in slope, not smooth, uneven ground, and have the opportunity to be  8 movement object collision. Confirm the working environment keep enough empty height  at 9. Confirm put terraces place with any charged metal part  10 keep a safe distance. If in outdoor work, need to confirm the use of ladder when the weather is good  11. Using aluminum alloy kung fu stool terraces need to make sure that the user has to wear a helmet even likewise, Y type and has wearing safety shoes  12 of anti-skid function. Each terraces can only be used by one person, a maximum safe load of 156 kg  13. Event of up and down the ladder, must face the terraces, and keep contact at 3 o 'clock, both hands to grasp, single foot, single hand or feet step on and 14. Don't carrying heavy things up and down the ladder, if necessary, tool or the material can be passed to the work site by others, such as portable tools or material is used, can be placed on system stability in the waist of the holster or  15 in the tool bag. Body centre of gravity must be maintained within the terraces, not excessive lateral force pulling terraces, lead to the center of gravity down  16 extraversion surface. Kung fu stool on aluminum alloy ladder, should immediately turn off the fence and locked  17. While working on the ladder, do not too far outside the body out of terraces, avoid the risk of a turn to terraces  18. If unable to contact from ladder platform to work position, should leave the ladder, the ladder units moved to the right position to continue to work, or other appropriate tools to consider using  19. Fold ladder, should put the leg up, again from the bottom of the ladder to the two hinges, on one hand grasping the ladder frame, another hand pull platform to oneself, finally will platform and ladder body merge together, after confirmed completely away, you can use the transport wheels  20 terraces. Terraces can be stored in indoor environment, please receive good aluminum alloy when stored in kung fu stool terraces near on the solid wall, with a chain locked, to prevent double  21. After each use, check the parts and see if there was damage, etc. , if stained with besmirch, oily be soiled, please make clean, ensure that won't let slip  22 other users. Not since modified terraces, when found the damage of terraces, should immediately stop using and hang up the warning letter, such as do not use the  23. If you have any question about repair and maintenance of aluminium alloy kung fu stool, should contact the supplier
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