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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Aluminum alloy ladder to use key/step 1. Choosing the right ladder -  category ( Different environment, different working form, should choose different types of ladder) -  height ( Use the too high or too short ladder, there will be overturned fall risk) -  bearing level ( Calculated weight + dressing equipment, tools equipment + material items, the total weight to understand different levels of ladder bearing with safety standards) - Material of  Power operation environment, close to the wire and cable, must choose insulation ladder) 2. Check the aluminum alloy ladder -  to check parts, lock is whether normal, -  ladder foot gel are in good condition is normal, anti-skid function is valid - operation  joint screw nails is normal,. . . Ladder step level, if there is a crack, missing, bending, variant, -  I whether there is water and oil stain, - Read all the warning message labels on the ladder with 3. Placement and open ladder -  check site operation environment, the fence cordon, no interference on the ground, lead to ladder made accidentally overturned - Ladder must be placed on firm ground, not on shaky items,  - Ladder must be fully open, make sure that lock lock - Straight ladder to 4:1, 4 75 degrees oblique. Right to observe the safety rules and operation method, -  make sure step level, sole oil stains without water, avoid skid, - Keep three, with one foot or both feet, fall on the ladder, -  still facing on the ladder with, the center of gravity to keep 5 within the ladder. Correct storage and maintenance method  long aluminum alloy ladder carrying, to two people, -  to avoid to drag in the ladders, easy to damage Water and oil contamination level - clean up in time  when needed, add lubricant - at joints Stored in the appropriate place, to be fixed, don't let children near the notices/avoid  - Do not use not completely open ladder  - When a person on a ladder, do not move the ladder, must move down and up - again  don't fall in the single side on the other side of the ladder  - Do not jump down the ladder, must  - on the step by step Do not stand in the herringbone ladder level 1 - the top Do not use damaged variant or repaired ladder  - Don't hold items on the tool, should put the tool in the tool bag or hung in the body, or transfer tools  - by a third party Don't put the body center of gravity, the ladder outside the extension, has overturned accident danger, should put the ladder to the ground with  - moved to the right position again Tired and sick, after the medicine, drink, avoid to use ladder, children, the elderly or disabled soil, should use specially aluminum alloy ladder
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