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Aluminum alloy light frame node what is good and just pick up good - hinged Jiangsu city Shizhan Truss co. , LTD

by:Shizhan     2020-06-18
Truss structure is a kind of framework, based on the geometry of the triangle stability of the structure by just under axial tension or linear axial pressure bar, the node transmission linear force of bar, inherit the shear, not passing moment. Hinged between the linear bar truss structure, also can just pick up. The principle of aluminum alloy light aircraft. Someone asked, aluminum alloy stage hinged truss node is good or just pick up good. A real truss structure, under the applied load, must function in a node, the load will be used by all the member in the form of pure compression or pure tension, nodes communicate only linear force of bar, inherit the shear, not passing moment. In this case, can be hinged between the linear bar, also can just pick up, completely according to the condition of construction convenient and exterior styling, no distinction on the stress, do not need to strengthen the node in particular. Aluminum alloy light frame structure is generally not load can be imposed on linear bar. When the load applied on the bar, if the node is articulated, is only the Netherlands bar in the form of a simply supported beam under bending moment, the rest of the bar are not involved in the lotus. As a result, the bending bar must be strengthened, while other bars were redundant. If the node is just answer, each member will be in the form of a composition frame integral bending, bar itself not only, even its each node will bear large bending moment, need to be strengthened.
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