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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Aluminum alloy mobile scaffolding maintenance methods: anything want to prolong its service life, all need to do a good job of repair and maintenance, including scaffolding steel pipe scaffold with aluminum alloy. As is known to all, movable scaffolding is high equipment accident rate and therefore the responsibility for mobile scaffolding construction is. So, how to maintain the mobile scaffolding? Let us look at in detail: first of all, if there is a bending and deformation of the component should tidy up the damaged parts of the first, and then stored in the warehouse, otherwise we should replace them. Using the movable scaffolding ( Including structural parts) Shall be promptly returned to the branch and left the warehouse. When the site classification in open Spaces, field should be well drainage, drainage, covered with waterproof cloth, parts should be stored in the third room, the structure of the mobile scaffolding accessories should stop rust, antirust and once a year in high humidity area (> 75%) Use the antirust paint, coating antirust paint, such as galvanized unconditionally, application of kerosene cleaning kerosene four movable scaffolding tools ( Such as door frames, bridge, hanging basket, etc. ) 。 Receiving platform) Should be timely repair and storage after disassembly. Disc scaffolding fasteners, nuts, washers, pins, and other small parts easy to lose. In support, should be timely recovery and sent out the spare parts, timely acceptance should not be optional. Establish and perfect the acceptance of mobile scaffolding tools, recycling, reflection, maintenance system, according to the who apply, who repairs, who management standards, implementing quota access or lease way, increase the wear and tear. General maintenance method; 1, all components and accessories should be regularly check to see if there is damage to the scaffolding components, especially in the welding position of the serious damage components, and inform the manufacturer for repair or maintenance to buy; 2, all components and accessories should be whole, lost or missing parts should be timely procurement, to ensure that the components when use complete; 3. Adjustable leg support thread should be clean and lubrication, to keep operating
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