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Aluminum alloy mobile scaffolding: what are the

by:Shizhan     2020-05-24
The construction method of the scaffolding needs to be erected according to the actual situation on the ground, and it also needs to be viewed based on the experience of our aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturers. Aluminum alloy mobile scaffolding 1. The scaffold operators first need to pass the assessment of the professionals, and also need to hold a job certificate and do regular physical examination, and our operators must also wear safety helmets and fasten safety belts, wear non-slip shoes, etc .; During the use process, the control load of the rack surface is not greater than ZkN / mZ, and it is forbidden to dismantle the safety facilities such as connecting rods at will; 2. Above the various components and rack tubes removed from the cantilever, they must be transported to the ground in a timely and centralized manner, and throwing is prohibited: then when the shelf is removed, a fence or a warning sign needs to be set up around it, and It is also necessary to send a special person to take care of it, to prohibit other people from entering it, to prevent injuries caused by falling objects; and because the diameter of the fastener and the steel pipe are used in matching, and it has the certificate of the factory. Therefore, when we find that there are cracks and deformations and the prohibition of the use of sliding wires, it is forbidden to mix 48 steel pipes with 51 steel pipes; 3. Measures such as grounding and lightning protection for temporary power lines and cantilevering must be carried out in accordance with national standards; and the construction load on the frame must comply with the design requirements. Overload and local Withstand the concentrated load; after we first set up the frame, we must pass the acceptance of the company's safety technology department and need to pass the company's project safety person's visa before proceeding; 4. If we have not used the rack body for more than a month when we encounter a shutdown, the rack body must be reinforced after re-starting, especially before the tie rod can be used to re-tighten the oil; Before the erection, there should be a special construction plan that has been approved and approved. During the construction of the main structure, the embedded parts should be buried in time according to the requirements in the plan; Fifth, it needs to be flattened and stabilized on the scaffolding board, and it must be tied and fixed on the lower support steel pipe with iron wire. Because the scaffolding is basically tiled with butt joints, the distance between the two upper and lower support crossbars at the butted joints needs to be controlled between 100 and 200, and the distance between the other support crossbars cannot be greater than 400 to 700; Finally, when installing the scaffolding brace bar, you also need to pay attention to grasp the tightness of the brace to avoid significant deformation of the bar and the whole frame; 6. When setting up on the rack, workers must wear safety helmets and hang safety belts, and the safety belts must be hung high and used low. Then all the operating tools must be placed in the tool bag. When encountering bad weather and conditions, it is necessary to prohibit the operation on the shelf. It is not allowed to carry out installation of heavier pole fittings and other unsafe operations that are prone to unbalance, disengagement, collision, slipping, etc.
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