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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Aluminum alloy why multi-function scaffold can be referred to as the multi-function scaffold? For three reasons. Aluminum alloy scaffolding can call of aluminium alloy door frame again, because you can like a door frame stack height, can also according to the site selection of narrow and broad aluminum alloy frame, you can also install ladder or oblique ladder. Aluminum alloy multi-function scaffold in addition can be used for construction, can also be used for the stage, clean, concerts, etc. , because have the function of mobile. 1) Mobile can be fixed. Aluminum alloy scaffolding conventional accessories is castor, belt brake casters, belong to the universal type, therefore mobile rise very convenient. Set up more than 30 m or higher requirements for bearing the casters at the bottom of the case can also be replaced into the pedal, stability is better. 2) Can be installed into a different pattern. According to the needs of actual work engineering, in shopping malls, swimming pool, authors as bridge type; At the airport, hospital, theatre, authors into suspension float type; In building, hotel, school, authors into tower; In power plant, electric power, aviation, petrochemical, shipbuilding and other industries of special industries, authors as combined; There are single, double wide, wide cantilever, hanging and so on. In general, the shape of aluminum alloy multi-function scaffold is composed of a variety of styles. 3) Application places is very broad. Only a small part of speaking in front of the industry, narrow work space, such as doors, elevators, boilers, water tank; Large space such as exhibition, railways, etc all can perfect response. Aluminum alloy multi-function scaffold in addition to the material, light weight, and firm structure, good compatibility and the characteristics of the installation is simple, fast, belongs to the light high operation device type. Despite the use method is very simple, but the erection and removal must be held by a trained professional scaffolder, hold relevant certificates; The special operations personnel shall not be engaged in the erection operations. And before entering the construction site button scaffolding must pass a quality inspection, and testing standard of qualified. With the quality inspection report. New multi-function scaffold greatly saves manpower and material. And in a safe Angle also for the traditional steel pipe scaffold has a larger change, in the high-rise building development advantages: can better save cost, higher efficiency. Although from the one-time purchase cost. Than normal rack pipe is high, but in the long run, the actual average annual cost is much lower.
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