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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
On March 23, 2020, 7 about 55 points, on the small county, country garden days reputation, block ii project, 1 scaffolding shift workers in scaffolding demolition operations, immodesty from 26 layer falling to the ground dead. On December 19, 2019 in the afternoon, nantong zhenhua heavy equipment manufacturing co. , LTD in emergency safety accident of the plant, to the injured. 14 PM, CCCC third on shipping engineering co. , LTD zhenhua heavy equipment manufacturing co. , LTD in nantong plant construction, scaffolding collapse accident occurred. 10 injured treated subsequently, one after the rescue invalid death, other 9 people stable vital signs. What a scaffold in order to effectively protect the safety of aerial work personnel? Believe that the problems many are using or are about to use scaffolding aerial equipment engineering. Why do aluminum alloy scaffolding safety? Dr Ladder scaffolding used T6 - as a whole 6061 high strength aluminum alloy, 2 mm thickness of tube wall, 50. 8 mm size of the pipe wall, can be in within one square metre of the bearing of 200 kg, ladder pipe using phi is 25. 4 take grain aluminum tube, prevent slippery prevent falls. Rail automatic locking hook end of diagonal, pedal with wind locks, 1 meter high fence, waterproof skirting board, brace can contract freely, adjustable feet uneven ground. Build a flexible, rusty long service life. Because of its operations is not limited by space, small space and empty large area can use to deal with. Why do button scaffolding safety? Dr Ladder aluminum plate buckle stents used T6 - as a whole 6082 aluminium, namely type aerospace materials, no rust is not easy to crack is not easy to break, 3. 2 mm thickness can bearing 3 per square meter. 0 kn, single tube type bolt structure, no welding connector never loose, multidirectional connection system, two-way self-locking joint, the construction of the flexible way, with thick aluminum pedals and climb the ladder. Button is recognized within the territory of the construction industry are of good quality, long service life and safety construction standard, can effectively protect the safety of workers. Why don't the fastener type steel pipe scaffold safety? 1, 2, easy to fracture deformation are easy to rust, 3, easy node connection off-center impact bearing 4, sliding resistance by the fastener and force more than 5, welding parts more than 6, joint.
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