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Aluminum alloy quick-mount scaffolding analysis

by:Shizhan     2020-05-30
1. Be sure to loosen the joints one by one and remove them in the order of first up then down, first out, then inside, first frame material, then frame material, first auxiliary parts, then structural parts, and first structural parts and then wall parts. The well was then hung down. 2. When disassembling the scaffolding board, rods, door frames, and other relatively long and heavy parts with two ends connected, two or more people must carry out. It is forbidden to carry out disassembly and assembly operations by one person, to prevent accidents caused by unsteady and unbalanced gripping of our rods. Therefore, when removing the horizontal rod, it is necessary to loosen the coupling before removing the horizontal support. Finally, when removing the pole, after stabilizing the upper end, loosen the lower end coupling to remove it. 3. When multiple people and multiple groups are performing demolition operations, they also need to strengthen the command, and also need to interrogate and coordinate the steps of the operation. Any arbitrary demolition that does not follow the procedures is strictly prohibited. 4. Because when we remove the upper and one side of the attached wall tie, it will cause the shelf to be unstable. We need to add temporary support measures to prevent the shelf from shaking and affecting the safety of the operation. 5. Demolition site also needs reliable safety enclosure, and there must be someone to take care of it. It is strictly forbidden for non-operators to enter the demolition site. 6. It is strictly prohibited to throw the removed rod parts and materials towards the ground. Or it is necessary to transport the erection materials that have fallen to the ground out of the dismantling area at any time to maintain the site civilization.
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