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by:Shizhan     2020-09-08
11 meters aluminum alloy scaffolding base can be adjusted to can overcome the ground of the highly skewed and the height of the tall building. This makes the aluminum alloy scaffolding adaptability to the environment is very strong. Due to 11 meters using stationary brace, compared with the traditional scaffold system, damaged significantly reduced, efficiency was improved. Dr Ladder 11 meters aluminum alloy scaffolding to eliminate the clumsy internal support in residential construction, eliminating the cause obstacles to ordinary scaffolding, thus further speed up the work. Convenient model can be easily around the porch of the gate, window and balcony projection, etc. 11 meters aluminum alloy has a lot of multi-function scaffold fittings, such as handrails, bracket and the bracket plate stage. This improves security and eliminate the redundant components in the scaffold structure. Multi-functional activities of scaffolding is a support structure of 11 meters high, is suitable for large indoor paint project or contractors to use, adjustable height from 1. 8 m - 40 meters equipped with a lockable casters for most household security door yellow surface treatment 11 meters aluminum alloy scaffolding is equipped with a variety of small hand tools, guardrail system High levels of work necessary of consumers 18 centimeters of scaffold can be stacked two more units. The fence can be provided in the 1 m or higher level running on the required level of security. Some assembly required. 11 meters aluminum alloy scaffolding
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