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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
4 meters aluminum alloy scaffolding unique craftsmanship, tengda is caught this elements, on the most caring and safety issues, hit a needle cardiotonic for the user, which won the users at home and abroad. Scaffolding manufacturer to produce aluminum alloy scaffolding, which is the aluminum alloy scaffolding industry leading enterprises in guangdong, which is of great practical construction cases. Tianjin west green gardening ladder aluminum alloy scaffolding wins in terms of professional planning and safety functions of the traditional iron and steel scaffolding. 4 meters aluminum alloy scaffolding has simple structure, reasonable structure, bar all the axial connection, mechanical properties and the overall stability is good, safe and reliable work, light components, tear open outfit is convenient, easy operation, operation labor intensity is low and less components, low attrition rate, at the same time the general steel tube scaffold can be used for restructuring, etc. 2) Pedal appropriate USES length of not less than 2 non-slip pedal across, thickness not less than 50 mm, also can use the other materials such as wood. 'Jiangsu province high suspension operation safety management regulations' ( Trial) 4 meters aluminum alloy scaffolding article 1 in order to strengthen the high suspension operation safety management, homework personnel life safety and health protection, to ensure the safety of high suspension operation, according to the supervision and administration of production safety regulations of jiangsu province and other safety related laws and regulations and standards, these provisions are formulated. 3. Escalator must be installed outside the frame separate, must be connected to the aluminum alloy scaffolding. We also know that now in scaffolding career in our country, especially the category of mobile scaffold, does not have a sophisticated, perfecting standard system, and this has led to such a situation: a lot of scaffolding products on the market, may not agree with a specification can safely use. 3) Rod is fixed at the master node horizontal level, vertical horizontal bar, bracing, transverse brace, etc. In the center of the square buckle, rotating fastener should not be greater than 150 mm between each other. At present, the city part of the subway and municipal bridge construction site has also adopt aluminum alloy scaffolding. Aluminum alloy scaffold with walk ladder height is 4 m flexible use.
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