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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
Aluminum alloy scaffolding by several layers of security. 1, scaffolding steel tube, appropriate chooses 5 meters aluminum alloy scaffolding, construction bureau will not serious to develop special corporate governance activities serious processing, for failure to carry on the scaffold project for the record companies to give interview, on the scaffolding, non-standard major security project, go through the motions of examination and acceptance of construction, supervision company and responsible person in the whole city informed criticism, take enterprise credit points, and punished in accordance with the law. 5 meters aluminum alloy scaffolding to establish agile is special maintenance work according to user needs, special planning and manufacturing, quick delivery, after doing things detailed in a timely manner. The horizontal forces instability can occur. Door scaffold ( Gantry scaffolding customization) One of the scaffold is widely used in construction scaffolding. 。 Due to the frame in the door type, so called the door or gate type scaffold, also known as scaffolding or gantry. Aluminum alloy scaffolding work frame bridge: the bridge with handrail column, the door frame used to suit different environmental needs. Our company sales service 24 hours online, you are always welcome to visit our factory. 【 Q 】 Construction scaffolding construction points for attention. Bridge quality aluminum plate heat treatment processing, the bowl even if is not pressure, also do not send out to form a rail joint. 5 meters aluminum alloy scaffolding, which is aluminum alloy scaffolding industry leading enterprises in guangdong, which is of great practical construction cases.
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