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by:Shizhan     2020-08-23
6 m aluminum alloy scaffolding while compared with the traditional galvanized steel, the price of aluminum scaffolding is much more expensive, but it significantly more light, and has the very high corrosion resistance. Using aluminum scaffolding four reasons is the liquidity lower installation time, cost, safety and Labour to save energy and improve productivity have four mobile aluminum bracket mast - — L— — Portable aluminum scaffolding tower - — The ladder mast - — S— — Portable aluminum scaffolding tower - — The stairs mast - — B— — Portable aluminum scaffolding tower - — Bridge mast - N - 6 m mobile aluminum scaffolding tower - Width - narrow the scaffold 2. 35 M, scaffolding - length 6. 00 M - platform height 3. 50 M to 14. 10 M application office | | | | factory school airports | | | | theatre church hospital hotel 6 M aluminum alloy scaffolding maintenance factory production of aluminum scaffolding equipment co. , LTD. Product platform price high altitude related clients
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