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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
7 meters aluminum alloy aluminum alloy scaffolding scaffolding 7 m easy to install and remove. It can not only speed up the work, and skilled operators can be easily completed. Besides through simple structure, improve the construction speed, Dr Ladder scaffolding of high bearing capacity also applies to a variety of industry and heavy industry project. High efficiency, strong adaptability and good safety. 7 meters aluminum alloy scaffolding unique processing technology can be built in different heights, tengda security is one of the few specializing in the production of aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer. 7 meters aluminum alloy scaffolding can be divided into 2 to set aside the door or pedestrian access across the general on the side. 7 meters rack installation is easy and 7 meters aluminum alloy scaffolding as a new type of scaffolding many company will purchase. The work high above the use of small tools, shall be loaded into the tool bag, prohibit to place on the steel tube, scaffolding or building tools. (2) composite joint fastener is easy to rust, there will be a loose, the phenomenon such as aging, safety factor is not high. Structure on the manufacture of tube and tube directly join butt welding, straight without welding, fixed on the rivet, even not fixed with steel tube scaffold operation type bolt break up same way. The scaffold of the lateral and underside with dense mesh nets closed, shelves to keep building and the necessary channel. Gansu qinan aluminum fast loading of scaffolding. The scaffold before use, should by the examination and acceptance of construction site, head of the organization, and present the single fill in the acceptance of rear can use. ( 1) All twists and turns, the deformation of bar should be straightening, the damaged components should be revised, can put in storage storage, otherwise should transform. Time limit for a project, a cause rents have risen sharply. Size of cantilever girder cantilever beam as defined by the design length of cantilever, 7 meters of aluminium alloy platform fixed length should not be less than 1 of cantilever length. 25 times ( The exception) indicated 。 ( 2) Cut down the cost of materials, the multi-function climb frame body only 4 ~ 4. 5 times floors high, according to the construction progress step by step, more than double xenophobic scaffolds have been put to the top from the ground to reduce steel volume of 40% or more. Tengda scaffolding co. , LTD. Product price high altitude working with high-altitude equipment is very suitable for customers, you can also customize 7 meters aluminum alloy scaffolding high suspended workers must be able to skillfully use right safety belt and safety rope.
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