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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
8 m aluminum alloy scaffolding is one of the most used new scaffolding scaffolding, but the operating side is not wide, as long as part of the region and part of the works. 8 m aluminum alloy scaffolding is a selection is made of aluminum alloy materials processing and manufacturing yield of scaffolding products. Shenzhen tengda each scaffold are recoverable value, without cumbersome process, unused is placed. Tengda security technology development co. , LTD. , production of construction scaffolding, solve the problem of aerial work. Here is shenzhen tengda given on site construction scaffolding structure stability is introduced. In these provisions shall apply to the province engaged in building external wall and billboards in suspension operation way of cleaning, decoration and other assignments and leasing suspension equipment. 8 meters when online operation, using the hemp rope lifting up and down information and the orientation of the machine should fall away from the catenary ( 2 meters) 。 High strength aluminum alloy, galvanized surface treatment standard products of the lacquer that bake, can improve the participation and prolong service life, reduce artificial, reducing costs, maintenance of surface erosion ability. 8 meters multi-function climbing frame is used for the aluminum alloy scaffolding construction, only 3 ~ 5 people that can be used as a lifting climbing frame, save labor cost, shorten the construction period, the work efficiency, reduce the cost of spending. 8 m aluminum alloy scaffolding so exactly how to avoid and prevent more highly scaffolding safety hazard and risk. Quality aluminum plate heat treatment of aluminum alloy scaffolding when install or remove, full-time security personnel should decide when to use for device. Secure the quality of the product from the beginning of blanking, 20 to process to go through the entire product processing, sales choose purchase accessories selects the professional machine to every working procedure, reduce artificial factors of intervention, especially rail, the production of stud, and the use of independent development automatic welding machine, do the products of high precision, strong interchangeability, quality safe reliable. Scaffolding safety protection measures, stable structure, reliable connection nodes, scaffolding foundation should be strong enough. 8 m aluminum alloy scaffolding applicability, movement speed by scaffolding main frame, frame, cross support, scaffolding, adjustable base, such as cross rod is also called diagonal members, is the longitudinal connecting two frame type horizontal bar. Flat section and pin hole assembly door bolt locking pin lock on both ends. 8 m aluminum alloy scaffolding
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