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by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
8 m aluminum alloy scaffolding is EN131 standard professional scaffolding. In the assembly, adjustment and remove the scaffolding, the operator shall not at any time is in a state of insecurity. This is the mandatory security installation. The characteristics of the 8 m aluminum alloy scaffolding is: & gt; Aluminum alloy and plywood material pedals, integrated waterproof skirting board, active window, one-click safety lock & gt; A maximum allowable load on the pedals: 265 kg & gt; In all height has a unique stabilizer, contains traits telescopic rod & gt; The column diameter: 51 mm & gt; Standard width is divided into the single, double wide width, mini, also can be customized any other width & gt; Orange and green to adjust parts, easy to identify & gt; The diagonal is easy to install & gt; Very suitable for shopping, ships, factories, building construction, cleaning cleaning maintenance work.> Allowed to connect installation, erection into corridors, Bridges, cantilever, hanging, 8 m arc shape aluminum alloy scaffolding is made of metal beams and special fasteners, they firmly fixed the framework to all parts of the lock in the appropriate location of the parts. Highly different scaffold with the increase of the stability and safety of the length of the diagonal brace, brace installation position is also different, and must follow the principle of 3:1. A complete tower collocation is four brace length and model. 8 m aluminum alloy scaffolding advantage is: light - light aluminum alloy structure, easy to transport and handling. High quality - a unique card buckle type joint, quality assurance for ten years. Simple - fewer components, easier assembly and erection. Quality assurance - there is no warranty problem, now we all are in use and has been selling scaffold quality assurance is 10 years. Highly - From 2 meters to any height, 42 meters between three horizontal planes, four horizontal planes, five horizontal frame meet the needs of different height. The service life of long life - Dr Ladder scaffolding could last 30 years. There are all kinds of tower configuration - Whole ladders, straight up system, oblique climb, sidewalks and folding, shape and function, as long as the customer can imagine manufacturer can meet the demand. 8 m Dr Ladder made of aluminum alloy scaffolding, is the leading products on the market. It is in shenzhen city construction engineering safety civilization construction scaffolding on the standard file model, the quality and strength in accordance with ANSI American standard, EN eu standards, AS Australian standard, GB national standard.
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