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Aluminum alloy scaffolding - 9 meters Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan safety technology

by:Shizhan     2020-09-07
9 m aluminum alloy scaffolding rail, diagonal USES the cast steel joint, with inclined wedge pillar node disc, tight structure, more efficient solid tower. Aluminum alloy scaffolding weight light, only 1/3 of the steel pipe scaffold, moving up and down the assembly is convenient, one layer can be easily completed. 9 m shaanxi fast loading scaffolding not ended aluminum alloy 3, risk for large and special crane, pick, hang, socket, stacking shelves must also pass design and approval ( Prepare a separate safety technical measures to build. General multi-storey building exterior wall construction, all is the use of double wide scaffolding. Otherwise, the accident, the owner units shall bear corresponding responsibility. Henan Shen Qiu oblique paddle fixation should be solid and reliable safety rope end, use safety rope should be the basic remain perpendicular to the ground, homework personnel behind rope should not exceed 1 m. High-rise building construction, must do safety measures, because at the top of the scaffold accidents occur frequently, choose tower, dish of button, and should brace for a fixed outside the band. 9 m aluminum alloy scaffolding safety rope end fixed should be solid and reliable, and use the safety rope should be the basic remain perpendicular to the ground, homework personnel behind rope should not exceed 1 m. High strength, prevent slippery castor, can avoid damage to the ceramic tile, wooden floors on the ground. Scaffolding weight only about 1/3 of the traditional steel structure of the scaffold. Wind speed more than 7. 9 m/s ( Wind power is greater than 4) When suspending scaffold homework; Wind speed more than 13. 8 m/s ( Wind power is greater than 6) Rigid connection will be 9 m scaffolds on other solid structure of objects; More than 18 m/s (if possible Wind power is greater than 8) , should be opened early scaffold. Gantry scaffolding first developed by the United States, 9 meters aluminum alloy scaffolding it can tear open outfit simple, bearing performance good, safe and reliable use, etc, are developing fast. Deformation address activity mainly established fastener mobile scaffold time related to installation, maintenance and construction of temporary facilities is indispensable to building scaffolding, it along with the construction schedule and the erection, it can rely on their own lifting equipment and devices, but also with the building structure crept up or down, it also has anti overturn, prevent fall outside of the scaffold, through use and construction of the fence, 9 meters can ensure use construction scaffolding construction personnel safety. Such places for special high level can't direct operation, mostly with mobile rack such tools to assist. 9 m aluminum alloy scaffolding fast loading scaffold ( FIG. 1) 现场检查所有组件从而机能。 至少需要2 componentpersonnel当alu,竖立起来 最小的城楼。 插入可调castersinto帧和锁紧。 Will the level drawn tube ( Two) Installed on the door frame on the standpipe, as shown in the enlarged view, to ensure that the end hook outwards.
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