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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
There are various types of tower scaffold components industry. Dr Ladder aluminum alloy scaffolding EN1004 standard. Features: simple locking devices better stability of solid strength scope of application: construction construction hard engineering machinery specifications: all pipes are made from HE level 30 T6 aluminum alloy 2 pedals by 50 mm width. 5 mm thickness of H box height 2000 mm width 1350 mm / 750 mm ( Two kinds of size) Fence height 1000 mm width 1350 mm platform size is 580 mm x 1690 mm, with aluminum case board stairs tube size 25 mm x 75 mm 2500 mm high step 8 3 'handrails/level/diagonal rod diameter of 50 mm x 2 mm thickness, nylon wheel external trigger with foot brake system, used in four side Angle ( If necessary) Maximum workload skid platform: 270 kg of aluminum alloy scaffolding for its long service life, corrosion resistance, easy to install and maintain and is famous for its characteristics such as the adjustable bracket matrix. These stents can be used for various oil, paint, pharmaceutical and biotech industry and research center.
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