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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Spacing is 40 cm aluminum alloy scaffolding, so we have two diagonals width: increase the security of a single 750 mm wide, safe working platform provides wide mm250 1350 kg of skirting board special socket, easy to remove the caster wheel size is 6 to 8 inches of castor, applies to more than 9 m skid platform length is 2000 mm from the trap door closed, lock device EN1004 standard four brace is connected to the scaffold subject: spring clip components connect them to 'H' shape framework, in order to provide the structure needed for better stability. Castor wheels and brake unit composed on the adjustable nut on the thrust bearing, to withstand the axial thrust. Castor has been equipped with radial bearing. When installing surface uneven, adjustable nut for alignment. Provide leverage for the brake and mobile. Pedal aluminum pedals is composed of rectangular section, the part of the box up and welded to the horizontal plane, transverse frame composed of claw at the end of. According to the working height, pedal can be placed on the frame
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