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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Activity of aluminum alloy scaffolding is also called mobile scaffolding, its characteristic is mainly used in the ground uneven can adjust the adjusting lever of castor, directly in the process of the construction site now many owners, such as vanke, etc to be on the safe side, stipulate the construction must use aluminum alloy scaffolding, not to use traditional iron, aluminum alloy scaffolding the manufacturer also many, recommended tengda aluminum alloy scaffolding. Activity of aluminum alloy scaffolding 40 cm adjustable difference, this design is to facilitate the steps and lawns, security operations in the sand. The whole platform frame rail, diagonal manufactured is devoid of welding process, increase service life and bearing, ensure the safety of aerial work. Activity of scaffolding the whole tower of light weight, a set of double the height of 3 m wide is about 36 kg, the weight of the 1/3 of the steel pipe scaffold is approximately equal to the same height, easy to use smart, indoor decoration, outdoor advertising, equipment installation, construction, factory daily maintenance, air cleaning, and other purposes. Not limited by the height and space when using, platform width divided into 0. 75 m and 1. Working within the 35 meters, the space of restenosis can use unit width 0. 75 width, and can build style suspension, flower beds, swimming pool and other places to use convenient. In the streets or Bridges construction, erection of Jackie chan, conveyor is not only good-looking appearance, convenient and practical, install and remove the artificial cost is low, don't need professional technical workers, skilled operation of ordinary workers can complete. Wall thickness of 2 mm T6 - 6061 aluminum alloy scaffolding bearing is 1000 kg, and the whole tower tower and cantilever erection of low labor intensity, speed, no loose parts, lossless, relative plate fastener steel pipe scaffold efficiency of more than a little bit, because of the aluminum frame accessories aluminum ladder, level drawn tube, suspension pipe, open window platform pedals, triangle brace, adjustable casters, spring buckle, D type spring clasp, aluminum fence and skirting board, so the collection of small volume, warehouse cost is low, the transportation is convenient. Why is not the same aluminum alloy scaffolding because of doping trace metal elements is different. For example, if you say that aviation aluminum alloy, points 2 and 7 series two kinds big, 2 is the inside of the added copper, can work in 200 ~ 300 ° c in the environment, and high hardness, corrosion resistance, nearly as aviation structure commonly. The inside of the 7 series is given priority to with zinc, the highest hardness and strength, corrosion resistance of the worst, generally as components of high strength, some still can be used as a skeleton of the plane. As for aluminum alloy how many grades, legend there are more than 1000, but the record of more than 570 in the world. Activity scaffold can be either straight ladder collocation, can also be equipped with oblique ladder, straight ladder is installed vertically in the side, every step level distance is 46 cm, the distance accord with human body climbing habit. Inclined ladder is made of aluminum ladder installed on both ends on both sides of the scaffold, in tower height exceeds 10 meters using this type of ladder is safer.
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