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Aluminum alloy scaffolding and steel tube, the advantage of the bamboo scaffolding comparison - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform jiangsu

by:Shizhan     2020-08-22
1. Aluminum alloy scaffolding stable and safe aluminum scaffolding stable and strong, and have enough diameter and effect to get the best stability. The scaffold is to strengthen the joint, and it is well known that the bearing capacity is much bigger than steel and wood usually. 2. Lightweight aluminum alloy scaffolding aluminum light weight, and absolutely lighter than all other materials, such as steel pipe. Before your workers can start to the new project, must carry out renovation, paint or repair of erect scaffolding around the building. If your workers must often erect and dismantle scaffold with smaller work in different place, then the aluminum scaffold will be the ideal choice. While moving between the construction site, must find the material light weight and easy to move. In addition, compared with other heavier installation materials, install more laborious and need more time, aluminum scaffolding provides easy to set up and build. 3. Aluminum alloy hand frame with the efficient aluminum scaffolding is usually more than the bamboo scaffolding or steel scaffold is feasible. In addition to the scaffolding manufacturer's material type and size, many other factors will affect the price of the scaffold. However, if you compare similar products, aluminum scaffolding will be a more viable option. If you want to buy scaffolding and don't want to pay big money, and then the aluminum scaffolding is likely to be the ideal choice for your project. 4. Aluminum scaffolding requires less maintenance in terms of maintenance, aluminum scaffolding needs very little maintenance. With steel need to be careful to avoid corrosion/rust, especially in high humidity area, bamboo scaffolding needs a lot of maintenance, otherwise it may tear and deformation. On the other hand, neither deformation or aluminum oxidation, and reduces the amount of maintenance required. If you don't want to maintenance scaffolding or didn't have enough time to repair it, then the aluminum scaffold may be your ideal choice.
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