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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Boiler repair aluminum alloy scaffolding function: shenzhen tengda company can be customized solutions, any places have can be used for closed or restricted access area maintenance platform, such as the internal power plant boiler, using conventional scaffold is difficult to access and time-consuming. Dr Ladder scaffolding is compact and lightweight, can handle big occasions. 100 kg full aluminum alloy stent can be neatly folded into manageable for storage. Once they have arrived at work place, scaffolding will expand to form a complete support. Once inside the boiler, aluminum alloy scaffolding can be installed in a short period of time immediately, in order to provide complete level of aerial work platform, all parts installed together in a reliable way to provide the main tower structure. No loose parts and assembly tools don't need. This unique folding system without loose components and can prevent the missing and wrong assembly, only adding platforms, ladders and skirting board. Boiler maintenance span aluminum alloy scaffolding is a foundation structure design position within the limited space, provides a solid foundation for the entire upper structure. And deal with other layers in exactly the same way, the tower built to the desired height, up to 100 meters. This unique folding system doesn't loose components and can prevent the loss and improper assembly. Maintenance of the boiler system function: custom design: our qualified and experienced engineers will have a detailed analysis of each inquiry and to meet your specific needs of the boiler. Safety maintenance - applies to all maintenance and inspection personnel within the boiler. Dr Portable ladder scaffold can be installed on the height of any need. All of the outer edge of scaffolding fence is installed on the scaffold. Erection speed - by four vertical rod box and six workers team can be in 24 to 48 hours to set up the boiler system, depending on the size of the boiler, demolition for only a day. In addition, from the boiler after, do not need special cleaning, and storage easy and compact. Boiler maintenance scaffolding system can save a lot of downtime for power plants. Boiler maintenance system of aluminum alloy scaffolding key advantage scaffolding system meets all leading international design, quality, safety and manufacturing standard safety coefficient cross used in structure design, unlike steel system, applies the standard 5 years warranty. All spring, pin, bolts and other hardware are tested, and to ensure that as part of the whole boiler system. Provide complete product and engineering support, you know? Compared with the steel scaffolding system, compared with the steel scaffolding system, with the help of our boiler overhaul span aluminum alloy scaffolding, overhaul downtime can save a third of the boiler at a time. Not only that, from design to installation, our design team of engineers are always at your service. They together with you throughout the project to provide a complete scene investigation, on-site training and technical guidance. And, our design engineer is its most experienced engineers in their respective areas, for the power industry to provide safe, efficient and innovative solutions of the scaffold. The system used in power plants all over the world, the minimum safety factor is high, in line with international safety standards.
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