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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Aluminum alloy scaffolding roller can be mobile. Most are fitted with roller. Tengda aluminum alloy scaffolding of roller with brake function, prevent sliding construction process. In integral hoisting, adornment installation or have large space of construction operations to brush the ceiling, can move the construction is very convenient. Use aluminum alloy scaffolding, both can be used as a scaffold, and can be used as a scaffold outside the group size according to the load and structure size. In general, take one step distance. 8 m, span 1. 2 ~ 2. Around 4 m, and then to higher, aluminum alloy scaffolding should decorate a diagonal, diagonal should be overall height to decorate, the frame and layer be put with scaffolding plank in my homework. Can be raised to 48 meters. When aluminum alloy scaffolding, larger area, to reduce the dosage of scaffolding, intermediate can be appropriately reduced portion of the bar. According to height and load arrangement is divided into several units, each unit is composed of several cross, its height to width ( The narrowest side) Than less than 3:1, every 3 ~ 5 steps between aircraft units set up a layer of rail connects the whole. The best is to bolt solid against the wall. For scaffolding aluminum alloy, the stud in four aspects are equipped with bar ( Around the scaffolding poling except) , plane and cross bar in the frame, not eccentric, therefore in the bar, stud by rail limit constraints in horizontal direction, when the whole frame height to width ( The narrowest side) Than less than 3:1, can think of, the whole frame bearing capacity is determined by the local stability of poling, namely from the horizontal bar cloth. Support tower to give full play to the characteristics of aluminum alloy tower scaffold bearing capacity big, in the light work such as indoor decoration, walls can be used as a bearing tower, under the item of insert poling brace ( Or the adjustable bracket support) , laid beams and planks, which can greatly reduce the dosage of the scaffold. Supporting tower four diagonal side should decorate node, its height should be 6 m; commonly When more than 6 m, stable measures should be taken, such as increasing support tower across several or whole Rachel, according to the different load and distance between support tower height, is generally not less than 6 m. Movable scaffolding work load according to the uniformly distributed load of 1 kn/m2, concentrated load 2. 0 kn to consider, but the construction load should be less than 3. 0 kn。 Castor can bear 5. 0 kn load and braking, such as castor no braking torque, or job load is bigger, require higher height, can increase the bearing rod or take the bottom in place after adding inclined support or pull on the rope to be temporary fixed way to enhance its stability. According to the height of the building, shape structure, in the form of aluminum alloy scaffolding, sure. Before the installation, use tools, steel pipes, fasteners, base, frame plate component for inspection. The steel pipe should be straight, fasteners, bolts should be in good condition. Set-up or non-professional personnel shall not dismantle scaffold aluminum alloy. Shelves should be set according to the requirements of authorized agencies contact order, demolition of the shelves shall be obtained from using the unit. In setting up a new set-up, without the permission of the original frame unit, do not connect with the original scaffold. Set the shelves according to the requirements of specification, the first design more than 15 m high shelves and hanger, and according to the specifications for special construction projects scaffolding. General scaffolding by user acceptance, acceptance shall have the book visa single and listed on the face to face. Scaffolds should be check regularly, especially after high winds, heavy rains and thawing period. Stop using the aluminum alloy scaffolding for a long time, after examination by the department of safety supervision, can use again. Shall require the scaffold, demolition of the larger independent scaffolding and high-risk, detailed construction safety technical measures shall be worked out, through the relevant departments to review before approval before implementation. Any unit or individual shall not be arbitrarily damage, dismantle scaffold, on pain of punishment according to the relevant provisions of the project. Cause of the accident, the damaged units shall bear all responsibilities, including economic responsibility. Aluminum alloy scaffolding, the unit should be in a setting clear scaffolding state identification card. Use the unit and erection of unit handover acceptance formalities, fill in 'the scaffolding receipt'. If found the problem, after rectification can be used formally.
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