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Aluminum alloy scaffolding cantilever erection requirements - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan

by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Shenzhen tengda aluminum alloy scaffolding completely accord with standard of shenzhen construction engineering safety civilization construction, product variety, quality is guaranteed. The introduction of advanced technology, from design to production and elaborately produced, only to ensure the life safety of the construction of the operators. Aluminum alloy scaffolding products are: single width, double wide frame, button scaffold; Insulation of scaffolding are: glass fiber scaffold. Product variety, free custom construction scheme. Aluminum alloy scaffolding erection of cantilever type as follows: 1, the cantilever scaffolding, need to use load control, set-up is strong. Set-up should build good shelf, when make the bar out of the wall, then diagonal brace up and pick out the rail connection is firm, then build cantilever part, scaffolding, peripheral to establish skirting board of railings and, for the net, in order to protect security. 2, even the wall set up according to the axis of the building size, in a horizontal direction across every 3 ( 6m) Set a. Every 3 ~ 4 meters in the vertical direction should be set up, all point and ask each other the stagger, forming the plum flower arrangement, even the wall of the serpent method is the same as the console scaffold. 3, set-up, vertical control to strictly control the segmented scaffolding verticality, verticality deviation: allowed 4, scaffolding planks laid the bottom should be put with thick wooden planks, each layer can be spread on the sheet metal stamping of perforation light scaffolding. 5, safety protection facilities in the scaffold layers should be set guardrail and pedal. The scaffold of the lateral and underside with dense mesh nets closed, shelves to keep building and the necessary channel. 6, the structure of the cantilever beam and wall connection should be iron or stay well prepared holes, ensure reliable connection, not literally cut holes, destruction of the wall. Staff must wear a seat belt, structures, and high altitude work work area around please install safety net, prevent weight drops, injuring others. Scaffolding components, accessories are strictly prohibited in the process of transportation, storage serious fall off, hit; Lap, tear open outfit, it is strictly prohibited thrown from a height, remove from down operation in sequence. Use process pay attention to safety, it is forbidden to play on the shelf, put an end to accidents.
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