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by:Shizhan     2020-09-01
Any product quality is very important, especially in high-risk industry products, it relates to the personal safety of the people, so choosing scaffolding must choose aluminum alloy scaffolding to the certification, when Dr Ladder is a very good choice, together with small make up to look at it. Aluminum alloy scaffolding certification, quality assurance specialist Dr Ladder in our real life, countless facts tell us, who ignored safety behavior will pay a painful price. Happen every day in the world the safety accident, motor overload, speeding and running red lights; Production units to cut corners, violate compasses operation; Places of public services to ignore security specification of ignored safety situation has caused another safety accident. So you should be careful when choosing the scaffold! Aluminum alloy scaffolding certification after a series of market research we can see that Dr Ladder is a very good scaffolding manufacturer, the company over the years focused on high safe and efficient operation equipment, products are exported, the company with 'integrity-based, customer first' philosophy, is committed to selling all kinds of safety scaffolding and ladders. Is understood: in many key projects can see Dr Ladder aluminum alloy scaffolding, this is very rare, this also from the side confirmed that Dr Ladder is very reliable, highly certification of a company. Dr Ladder can stand out in a wide range of aluminum alloy scaffolding enterprises, widely recognized and, become a leader of many engineering is no accident, the company's products for export, aluminum alloy scaffolding 95% wall thickness foot 2. 0 mm products have several certification! High quality products but also guarantee the safety of construction. Aluminum alloy scaffolding certification thus, Dr Ladder products are involved in many projects are big projects standard! Not only that, the company's products are aluminum alloy scaffolding, miniature mobile platform high-quality products sell well in Europe and America, southeast Asia market, the company products have passed ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, and the European Union CE EN131 quality and safety certification, beautiful appearance generous, easy to operate, safe and practical. High quality products, sold both at home and abroad, the safety factor of 2. 5 times, the entire robot welding, safe and reliable, durable, has inclined ladder and ladder for customers to choose. Above is for aluminum alloy scaffolding certification, quality assurance specialist Dr Ladder related share, good scaffolding can truly protect the safety of construction personnel, if also want to know more friends welcome attention yo's official website.
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